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RE: The Coming Manufactured Crisis

in #researchlast year

By the way, this will be my future account, as soon as it's more powerful than the other one. I don't have a password for the first account, that's why. I can log in to that account only with this PC, and that's gonna be a problem, so I'm tackling this problem.


Oh, that sucks. If you are able to log in on another device you should be able to view and save all your keys though.

That's the problem; I can not log in with any other device. I would need the password for that, which I did not write down, or forgot where I can find it. I can login only with hivesigner on this PC.
So that's why I'm powering down the first account, and transferring it all to this account. I did write down the password for this account, and the keys, and I know exactly where to find it when I need it. I got it backed up and all. Nothing can go wrong with this account. 😉