We do not ask you to stop commenting or prevent you from power down. Feel free to do so.
But we think we should now go ahead and make Hive our one and only home.
Hence our request to stop publishing new posts on Steem. 🙂

I do agree with you, but I still have 9 powerdowns to go on steem.
If they see I am not active, they might freeze my account.

You think they would do that only because you are not posting anymore?? not sure about that. How many users would they have left then?
I also have still a few weeks ahead. But I am only reblogging and upvoting. thats it. eather way - you dont have to join of course 😉

Whoa now! I did not say that I don't want to join.
I do exactly the same as you. Reblogging and upvoting and I am lucky to receive the princely sum of $2 per post.
Oh! And I only reblog every second or third day!

Then everything should be fine 😉 no worries 🙂