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rewarding_batch2.png is a open-source feature-rich automatic voting tool (github). It can be used to:

  • follow other voters (trail voting) and upvote shortly after they vote
  • upvote posts/comments based on rules
  • cast delayed upvotes on posts/comments without rule (by post a command or by using the interface)
  • upvote already paid out posts (by post a command or by using the interface)

In order to use, posting authority has to be given to the @rewarding by .

I created a discord server for all topics regarding discord invitation.


93 user created 739 rules for upvoting posts, 69 rules for upvoting comments and 16 trail vote rules.

8 user did only use the delayed upvote or upvote paid out posts feature.

So in total, has 101 active users.

In the last 7 days, 3532 time based votes and 928 votepower based votes were broadcasted.
3008 different authors were upvoted through steemrewarding.
The mean delay between the vote time and the specified vote time is 12.4 seconds.

One round lasts around 15 seconds, so there is sufficient space for more users :).

How to use steemrewarding to upvote authors when the vote power is full and idle

It is possible to created vote power based voting rules, which mean that the specified author upvoted when the vote power is above min_vp. It is possible to include or exclude specific tags and apps. For each author, one rule for posts and one rule for comments can be created.

I'm a member of steembasicincome and upvoting their posts increases my rshares balance. So I created some vp based rules to upvote sbi (sbi2 - sbi10) posts when my VP is full and idle:
It is possible to create a rule and copy it to other accounts by pressing the Copy link.

So I started with a rule for sbi2:

I set the maximum upvote delay to four days (5760 min.) and allow only posts upvotes.

The upvote should only be triggered (I enabled enabled vote_when_vp_reached to achieve this) when my voting power is equal or abovemin_vp = 100%.

I set vp_reached_order to 3. By this my other VP based rules with lower vp_reached_order are used with prioritoy.

These rules for sbi2 to sbi10 are a good fall back, when I were not able to curate posts and my vote power reaches 100%.


I am using it for sbi too. And I love the post payout function. I hope that more people will start using it because it's such a great tool.

Excellent tool! I will start linking to this post in the regular voting reports that are published by the accounts shown.

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So happy I discovered this tool!
Really needed the ability to limit upvotes for a few users on a weekly basis, rather than daily.
I just want to make sure... setting a variable to -1, makes the bot ignore it when deciding whether a vote needs to be cast, @holger80?

The following fields will be ignored with -1:

  • max_votes_per_day
  • max_votes_per_week
  • max_net_votes
  • max_pending_payout

The following fields will be ignored when empty:

  • include_tags
  • exclude_tags
  • include_apps
  • exclude_apps
  • include_text
  • exclude_text

The following field will be ignored when 0, or below, e.g. -1:

  • vote_sbd
  • minimum_word_count

Hope this helps. Please ask me, when there is something else :). You can tag me, when something is wrong or not working.

Thanks, man
Keep up the good work!

Was just looking for something like this even though I am not sure if I will be using it right now.

I feel good having you on my witness list. Keep it up.

that is such a great idea @holger80. Thanks for the tip! 😊

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I don't understand so much of this, but I know it's good for the community and it gives me confidence that you are constantly improving the quality of experience here.

feeling lucky when I joined here, I found many useful things here. it is easier to assign witnesses, and we can supervise some witnesses who are disabled. I have also set @steempeak as a witness there

Yep! It's such a flexible tool for designing upvote rules!

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Just checked in to say Hi from #ClickTrackProfit . New to all this stuff and every day is a step up the learning curve. Thanks to all of you for posting your views which will empower our knowledge. Cheers. God Bless!