Officer Killed as Result of Violent Riot

in #riot2 years ago

Non-stop repetition of a rumor about Officer Sicknick's death by armed Trump supporters is false.

If you tell a lie big enough and repeat it often enough...


Oh, yeah. I remember that guy. He is the one that was killed with a fire extinguisher, right?

Not right. But the same usual suspects, did the same usual thing. They ran with a rumor (or just made one up) and then outrage was created throughout the country, followed by legislation (or lack of legislation) that permanently changes the way things work.


In this case, the focus needed to be taken off of the stacks of affidavits, sitting in the joint session. A diversion was created. Congress was then so outraged by the rumor that they put down any inklings they might have had to investigate fraud against half the nation.


All focus was on the imaginary fire extinguisher, the family was informed that the man who had put food on the table was dead and cremated, and the mission was complete.


I know I am late on this one but I like to make sure the rumors I report are actual rumors. Images screenshotted from a clip on Rumble of fox reporting this travesty.

For more rumors, just turn on the #manstreampedia and hear what is not true. It is that bad.


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