Fear and Loathing on the Road to Hivefest: A Desperate Odyssey

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The great beast of the Great and Creative minds, known as Hivefest, looms on the horizon, and I find myself hurtling toward it like a bat from hell, fueled by equal parts of desperation and delirium.
The road to this awesome gathering of Masterminds is paved with perils, and I fear I'm careening toward the precipice of madness with the recklessness of a drug-crazed outlaw.


You see, dear friends, my journey to Hivefest is not your typical adventure.
No, it's a twisted tale of trial and tribulation, a descent into the very heart of chaos. I'm tethered to a grueling schedule of 12-hour workdays, five days a week, in a desperate bid to fund this pilgrimage that I've been awaiting for so long.
It's always been like this, hasn't it? People who've been following my stories from way back when will know this. The road I follow is never paved with bad intentions. It's just always the most winding and wobbly road you could imagine.

As the days blur into nights and my existence becomes a fevered nightmare of deadlines and exhaustion, I can't help but wonder if this mad pursuit is worth the price. My finances are in shambles, and I'm drowning in a sea of unpaid bills, from rent to hotel reservations to the very flight that will carry me back from the long awaited experiences of Hivefest.

The journey so far has been a litany of disasters. Flights that just wouldn't adjust to my budget, plans to leave a child at home to be able to make it, and then plans changed and bringing him along again, and a mounting pile of unfinished work that mocks my every step.
I'm a woman on the edge, teetering on the precipice of despair, staring into the abyss and wondering if it's staring back at me.

But fear not, for in the midst of this maddening whirlwind, there is a glimmer of hope. A flicker of determination that refuses to be extinguished. I may not have enough hours in the day, but I have something more potent: sheer, unbridled willpower.

I've stared down the abyss before, as some of you know, and emerged battered but unbroken.
I've danced with the demons of chaos and lived to tell the tale.
Hivefest may be a beast, but I am a beast of a different sort, a creature of the night, fueled by a relentless desire to experience the inexplicable.

As I rush toward Hivefest, a twisted grin on my face and a heart pounding with equal parts dread and excitement, I am reminded of the things I've accomplished, and the places we've been. And by the gods, I've bought the ticket, and I'm hurtling headlong into the heart of the madness, ready to take another ride of a lifetime.

So, my dear Hivean friends, stay tuned for the stress, the chaos, and the madness that is my road to Hivefest.
I may not know where this twisted journey will lead, but one thing is certain—I will make it, no matter the cost.
The road to Hivefest may be paved with fear and loathing, but it's a road I'm damn well determined to travel.

And how we'll get back home...Well, that may be a bridge we'd have to cross when we get there...



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I am looking forward to following your journey there. Good luck!

Thank you! So far so good. I'm so happy to be here. Especially seeing everyone again after 4 years. It's a dream. 😍❤️

Cool, I didnt see you on the livestream yet? Give us all a wave!

I have to figure out how to get on that haha. You mean taskmasters or ours here?

on youtube!

or the behind the scenes stream one:

If you´re wondering if the abyss is staring back at you,
you´ve not been staring into it long enough. 😘

Hahaha. I can always count on you to respond with something funny and smart. A rare gift my friend. 🙏❤️

Welcome to #hivefest! I hope it lives up to your expectations.

Thank you! Yes, it always does. It's a great little group this time around. 😊❤️

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