Staking is not the only things that is attracting crypto users to Robiniaswap


Robiniaswap is the new kid on the block

Robiniaswap is the new kid on the block when it comes to staking and farming however before we talk about the staking options one may be also look at the robiniaswap bridge.

what is the robiniaswap bridge ?

In very simple terms it is a bridge to move you crypto that is in the form of steem tokens and blurt tokens on to the binance smart chain or BSC as it is popularly called.

Why would one need to use the robiniaswap bridge ?

If you have steem or blurt tokens sitting idle in your wallet you could put it to work by way of staking so that your idle steem or blurt can earn you more crypto.

how does it work?

In the crypto world much like the real world there are multiple ways of doing the same thing.
The robiniaswap bridge is a simple few click process to move your steem tokens & blurt tokens on to the staking pool on the BSC.
Also at any point when you harvest your earnings from the various robiniaswap pools you can again use the robiniaswap bridge to swap coins from the BSC back to steem or Blurt.

What staking options does one get for staking on the robiniaswap pool.

The best way to find out is to dive right in to the robiniaswap pool to find out by visiting
For this you would need to install & configure your metamask if you are on a PC or laptop and for the mobile users there is the option of the trust wallet.

Metamask configuration & staking

If you need some help in installing and using metamask I have created a post which you can view here

Trustwallet installation & staking

Similarly I have done a post on the installation, configuration and staking options of the trustwallet over here

So lets dive in into the staking pool
A word of caution this is not a pool filled with water so you would not get wet.
It is a crypto pool where you could stake crypto and earn some TBS tokens which happen to be the native tokens of the robiniaswap pool.

Lets dive in and explore the pool options

Based on the device that you are using to visit the pool the layout would differ.
On a laptop or desktop the layout is spread out with each row and column showing multiple pools.

laptop view.jpg
Laptop/Desktop view

18-select a pool 2 stake.jpg
Mobile/Trustwallet View
You can scroll the page to see all the pool options currently available.

Understanding the pool offerings on

We take the example of RBS Pool which is listed as the first pool.


Since it says RBS at the top of the pool so it means you would need to stake your RBS tokens in the pool.

The Things to be noted here is the APR which is the rate at which you can in a year.
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is only indicative and a dynamic rate as it varies for a pool over time.
The Earn field indicates what crypto you would be earning.
So in this pool you deposit and stake RBS tokens and earn RBS tokens as rewards.
The deposit fee is the fee one has to pay for making a deposit.
In this pool the fee is shown as 0% so no fee would be deducted for making a deposit.
Currently I see the Compound option present in the RBS Pool .
This mean that if one were to enable this option then the earned RBS tokes would be reinvested in the pool and would earn even higher returns.

Current Pool staking options

At the time of writing this post I see
the following staking oprions.
The RBS Pool ~ Stake RBS Earn RBS this has a pretty high APR currently
WBNB Pool ~ Stake WBNB earn RBS tokens
CAKE Pool ~ Stake cake earn RBS tokens
BTCB Pool ~ Stake BTCB and earn RBS tokens
ETH Pool ~ Stake ETH and earn RBS tokens
BUSD Pool ~ Stake BUSD and earn RBS tokens
USDT Pool~ Stake USDT and earn RBS tokens
DOT Pool ~ Stake DOT and earn RBS tokens
RINI Pool ~ stake RINI & earn RBS tokens
ADA Pool ~ stake ADA & earn RBS tokens
BBLURT Pool ~ Stake BBLURT & earn RBS tokens
MOON Pool ~ stake MOON & earn RBS tokens
Besides these more projects would be on-boarded from time to time to give the investors and supporters more opportunities to earn.

Currently I am studying and experimenting with robiniaswap a new Pool and farming platform

RobiniaSwap Official Documentation:

Discord Channel:

Standard Disclaimer: Please do your own due diligence and research before making an investment. The purpose of this post is for educational purpose only and it should not be considered as financial advice.