Hello Hive-Runners!

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Sorry for being a little bit distant lately but the HIVE blockchain deserves some patience from all of us while things are still setting up properly.

We are slowly but surely starting to curate all enrolled members of our initiative here on HIVE while we are maintaining as well our account "working" on steem at least for some time in order to give you some time also for you to move to the new chain.


The current HIVE POWER of @runningproject is 1258 HP which despite is not huge we believe it will help all members.

Remember that once you are enrolled, @runningproject is set to help you in mostly all your posts of any kind.

Also, take into account that @runningproject is set as a curator trail on https://hive.vote/ so you can join it if you feel so.

Let me remind you our conditions to get enrolled in our @runningproject initiative:

*In order to get enrolled you just need to do the following steps:

  1. Write a comment in this post or any other from @runningproject with a link to one of your posts about running, requesting its review.

  2. After checking your post, @runningproject will decide if you are or are not an "Approved" Runner. "Low quality" post will not be considered.

  3. If you are definitely an "Aproved" Runner, @runningproject will reply to you asking to send 0.5 HBD or 1HIVE as an "Enrollment Fee."

  4. After receiving/checking your fee you will be included in the "CURATION LIST"

The initial "Enrollment Fee" is entirely used as HIVE POWER. This fee, 1 HBD or 1 HIVE, may increase in the future depending on the number of members and Market price.
Additional donations will be also fully invested in HIVEPOWER.*

About @isotonic, our "funding" account

As you may know, we use @isotonic in order to feed and increase the @runningproject HIVE POWER, so, part of the curation that @isotonic gets from upvoting good content goes to improve the HP of @runningproject.

The other part of the curation rewards obtained by @isotonic goes to delegators, distributed among them depending on the amount of Delegated HIVE POWER.

@isotonic curates content mainly in Manual mode, so, it means that it is not a Bot and does not need to be "bribed" because it does not sell upvotes but only find good content to be upvoted.

Obviously the main upvoted topic is about "running" but, eventually it can also upvote some others if they deserve so.

Keep on Running!!!!

Posted by @toofasteddie on behalf of @runningproject.


I write a small message here to try and find back this post tomorrow. It's 1 am here now and I'm too tired...
I'm sorry for this...

Hey ho!

Does our membership role over from Bad Steem? Or do we have re-enrol?

Great initiative this!

All enrolled steemians who are posting at HIVE do not have to re-enrol :-)

As I wrote, take into account that we are still experiencing problems while trying to automatise @runningproject

Still this project is working?


How to participate?

Follow the rules written in the main post

Are you a runner?

I don't know what that means. Excuse my ignorance.

Lol, you mean do I actually run! Sorry that took me so long. I thought you were referring to some actual project where your followers were called 'runners'. Haha

I'll start running tomorrow. I've been meaning to actually. I do my own fitness at home.

Is that good enough? I'll send you a video to prove I ran. How's that?

Haha, I'll stop using these comments like a messenger now.

Here is my most recent running post. Would love to join the runningproject community!

Hey @runningproject, if it's still open, I'd gladly join the runningproject community.
Here's my latest running post via Exhaust: https://peakd.com/hive-176853/@manuvert/xhst-activity-1602208674

Good evening @runningproject, I'd love to join/enroll in this if possible?

Some of my recent posts on running Here and Here

Thanks in advance!