1 life 1000 problems

in #sadness5 years ago

It is hard to live in and appreciate the minute when you are pondering the past or stressing over what's to come. You can't change your past, yet you can demolish the present by agonizing over your future. Gain from the past, get ready for what's to come. The more you live in and appreciate the present minute, the more joyful you will be.

It's critical that what musings you are bolstering into your psyche in light of the fact that your considerations make your conviction and encounters. You have positive musings and you have negative ones as well. Sustain your psyche with positive musings: benevolence, sympathy, empathy, peace, adore, delight, quietude, liberality, and so forth. The more you feed your psyche with positive musings, the more you can draw in extraordinary things into your life.