Oops, Cancelling First Contest - Announcing the New// SBI for Best Dissection of "Vaccine Passport" Propaganda

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I realized last night that the "contest" I put up is more like an auction in which I keep all the bidders' money. Yup, that sounds scammy.

since no one has bid yet, I'm going to cancel it. If there is any interest for the MCK as a prize, I'll revisit another content in the future.

The Prize

The prize will be 50% of the HBD rewarded to this post invested as SBI (see @steembasicincome for a rundown).

What I intended to do with this account was to invest all HBD at a 100% SBI with the contest winners, which would be to grow the rewards provided in the contest, to introduce Hivers to SBI, and to help grow the winners' accounts.

However, I'm planning to go to Def Con this year (see DefCon 29 Plans Rolling Along), so HBD I had intended to use to for SBI is instead going to be to take half the HBD and send it over to my main for the trip. This should stop in August and return to the original plan.

Don't be concerned with the obvious disconnect between HBD and SBI. SBI was originated on Steemit, and brought here after the @justinccp fiasco.

The Subject

What I'd like to see is a post about the methods of Informationwar the self-proclaimed "elite" are using to push the vaccination passport...and how to counter that.

I'm looking for an answer that goes beyond "wake up the sheeple", because I don't think that works, and I'll let Yuri explain why:



How to enter

  1. Write a blog on the above subject on your account
  2. Make sure you include the tags #informationwar and #proofofbrain
  3. Post the link in the reply section on this blog
  4. Contest ends once the post pays out

I'll repost your blog here and on @stevescoins

I'll be the judge on this one; in the future I intend to talk to IW leadership, and see if they want to assign judges and/or contest topics.

Upcoming contests will be conducted on a weekly basis. and there will be contests put up for Halloween (most likely all month), 4th of July, Texas Independence day, Christmas, and New Years.

Feel free to suggest contest subjects, and if I like them, I'll run them.


Hello dear @thecontesttrain51. You're doing a great and noble job. I'm trying to support you with everything... We're in the same ditch. Continued

hi Yagoub,

although your entry wasn't what I'm asking for, you have made an important point re: the vx passport, so I'm allowing the entry. thanks for writing!


100% upvote on this post, testing to see how high it will go. Started at 7.86 USD and 32 upvotes

@truthforce writing ;)

IW trail now follows DeepDives trail in order to maximize rewards given out to the people! :)

And also, thanks for doing this contest. We will defintely need these to help drive engagement. Good idea!!!

here's y proposal on that; i'll be doing a contest a week.

other than holiday weeks, the IW board selects a topic a week,and I;ll run the contest, but the IW board picks the winner.

  • no members of the board would be eligible for a direct win, but a submission from a board member could win, with my approval, and I'd put the SBI into the @informationwar account; in these circumstances, I'd weigh that entry vs the other entries- in essence, I;d be the judge that week.
  • if there are no entries to a IW contest, the SBI would go to @informationwar
  • every once in a while, I'll choose the topic. I really liked the entries for The Prisoner contest I ran in 18. If the topic is IW, the board still acts as judge,


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This is not an entry...warfeed belngs to @stevescoins

hwever, it ma be of some use to those working on the contest