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How do I join?

All you have to do is give voting access to the account, the rest is automatic.

On HIVE, you do it here:
On STEEM, you do it here:

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Downvoted for being a spammer promoting a scammy service

Why not just create a trail and have them follow that? This sounds well dodgy

So many complex ideas to squeeze blood from a stone. If there are 100 people in the group, the most you can expect to get is 1/100th of a vote. Everyone may as well simply vote for themselves because no matter how you slice and dice it, there are only as many votes in the pool as there are participants.

OK, I realize that a noob just starting out has ZERO chance of making a vote that pays out because of the theft by the 2-cent minimum rule, so they are forced into buying some coins and powering up. By pooling votes, they overcome that disgraceful rule. It is better to complain loudly and have that rule changed or simply leave the platform for one that plays more fairly. There is no excuse for stealing from the poor to give to the rich, but this is how the algorithm works and has always worked.

This isn't about the 2 cent rule. There is no need to give your posting authority to another entity in return for votes, it is scammy in nature.

You ask people to sacrifice their posting authority and rely on trust that it will not be abused. We all know how that goes

Things have moved on. You can now follow trails without giving them your posting authority. You are thinking too old steem

Sorry, sounds too squirrelly for me. Sure as hell, I ain't giving up voting access to an account that fished my post to get me to listen to their line of shit. Nope...there are better, less controlling methods to accomplish your goals.

I would not recommend this crap to anyone. Not often I downvote, but here it's warranted!

Take my extra votes and promote something I have no idea about. I will pass. Bots do that enough already. The whole net is infested with bots including the financial system. There is bots reading this post even.
The group name sucks also. Sounds like something big fish love to eat. lol Have a great day!