School of Minnows idle upvote community

If you haven't heard of @schoolofminnows yet it's an awesome idle upvoting community.

Once signed up to School Of Minnows (SOM) you get upvotes on your posts from the SOM community by giving them. Votes are made from 100% idle voting power.


We are starting @schoolofsteem to help teach the masses about Crypto through the value of social interactions and posting, School of Minnows registeration as one of the precursors to joining School of Steem (SOS)

@schoolofsteem 📖🌱

Follow the developers link to get started:

We working with more decenteral content around the school with: @teacherofsteem @studentofsteem @schoolofsteem

#schoolofminnows #build2022 #schoolofsteem


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Hi @teacherofsteem how can one exit this School of Minnows voting trail immediately? Spaminator is on my neck because of it.

Thanks a lot.