I'm thinking Hmmm too.
Its a very good observation. I will give him a vote for his work. But, I totally disagree with his conclusion about evolution.


Interesting. Followback me please.

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that's not how it happened, Eve "came first" The story of adam and eve is backwards. Women at one point in time were able to reproduce without the sperm of a male.


Evolution is still a way more plausible theory than the other ones out there.

The proofs and ideology behind every theory is amazing!


wow! really amazing.

I guess I’m stupid !

good post brother

Kent Hovind knows a great deal about his material. I used to follow him a bit. While I don't agree with everything solution he has come to... He has an impressive body of work that does speak for itself. He has reasoning that it's hardly disproving are found to be illogical

Kent Hovind has been debunked and successfully proven wrong more times than I can count. His knowledge of basic biology and physics are....well, not there. He claimed he had a degree in science, but it was from a religious college and that in itself is a bit suspect. I find his lectures and presentations to be very far off course from what evidence points to, and his rather...questionable set of personal choices that landed him in hot water really don't help his case either. Those of us with real science educations usually look at this guy like a fraud using lingo and wording he doesn't understand.