Solar update 021220

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The new region officially has a designation, 2790, and it is still spitting.
Click to view the full SDO sourced image, from SolarSoft.

Here is the updated list events, you can see there was an M4.4 on Nov 29
More events from 2790 are B6.9, B8.1, B5.6, B5.2, C3.8, B5.4, C1.2, C1.2, B6.1, and B6.6


Why do I want to post about this? The above data disappears. In 2012 I tried to keep track of the solar flares, and even named the M's and X flares, but by September I lost track. There is just so much information coming in, and truly few even know about it.

The C3.8 event from Dec 1st 2020 (Link)

See for yourself at


Why do I want to post about this?

Ultimately why not? The content you post is intriguing and something I knew basically nothing about so, really, thanks for sharing. I haven't commented before but for some reason I really just wanted to say that the information you post is cool and that, if nothing else, I have been following what you post and reading it. Keep on posting!

Thank you I appreciate your comment, and also find your recent posts interesting. Any input you have on these topics I share, are welcome. I am fascinated by the universe and what can be known! And what cannot. It's amazing that we have tools like the SDO and other instruments, and since this information is free in the public domain I have attempted to share my links to tools for others to discover as well. It is astounding to me that we have a clearer view of the sun and our place in the solar system than anyone has ever had in the past, and it would be a mistake not to use this opportunity to learn.