A new era for Steem: Scotbot powered custom website up and running ! Welcome https://www.weedcash.network!

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Powered by steem-engine.com, check. Using Scotbot, check. First custom website, check. Keychain integrated, check. Awesomeness, check.

It's got everything you might want as a new PoB distribution token. Please welcome our first operator to the ecosystem, thanks to @richardcrill for signing up with us, trusting us with a key, putting up with a few little bugs, and helping us get the first scotbot and custom site live.

Many thanks to the steem-engine.com wizards.

The number one problem with Steem: Distribution

I've said since I got here that the distribution is broken. I figured that out in like 3 weeks of being here. It leads to a lot of badness on the platform. It doesn't help that the whales have lost basically all patience with the platform and are selling off.

Custom Websites!

What if you could start Steem over, but not have to deal with a lot of technical details? What if you could start with a brand new distribution with a different system for how PoB works? What if you could be the whales and do this whole thing different? What if you could monetize your site with advertising and post promotion?

All of that is possible thanks to steem-engine ecosystem! We can get you a token, distribute it, set it up on it's own custom website, and get your own PoB up and running. We're working on different types of advertising already, but the goal is for the cost of the service to be exceeded by the ad revenue brought in!

Start your own ecosystem today!

Don't get left in the dust. If you got a community it's time to monetize it and help all the contributors get in on the action.


Having a hard time visualizing what your own community looks like?

Take a look at the WeedCash one!


And you'll see, it looks like steemit.com, but with customizations (some are still in the works). You'll also notice it already works with keychain, and we'll be bringing a number of other advancements to the site especially around how communities can get their own post promotion and advertising incentives booming!


This post right now is only making .4 steem, but it's got 1000+ weedcash in rewards! You can't see that on steem. Be sure to write some posts about weed, consider buying and staking some weedcash, and of course remember to use the weedcash tag on appropriate posts!


Everything is so damn green haha. Nice to see rewards in WEED and STU.

Awesome hopefully there are more and some take off

This is cool :)

Here i come weedcash!!!

You just planted 0.10 tree(s)!

Thanks to @miguy

We have planted already
8146.82 trees
out of 1,000,000

Let's save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest
in Cameroonian village Kedjom-Keku!
Plant trees with @treeplanter and get paid for it!
My Steem Power = 21163.38
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

Leaving this here to remind myself to look into this

This is incredible and the prices for WEED are going to the Weed Moon ^^

Do you know how much weed in circulation?

This is something. Maybe I witnessed the revolution that everyone was waiting for! I am glad that I saw it, even 24 hours after the publication of the article. I wonder if Drama works here.
Это нечто. Возможно я стал свидетелем революции, которую все ждали! Я рад, что увидел ее, даже спустя 24 часа с момента публикации статьи. Интересно, работает ли здесь Драма.

Once the up-voting works smoothly and it has its own wallet page, it can start working OUTSIDE of steem, but amazing how many steemians will just automatically start using it and pumping the price of Weedcash token

Prompt, in order to have Weedpower it is enough to have a toed weed on the account, or something else is needed.

That looks like a steemit.com login.
Who is getting our keys?

They have keychain support too. Use that. I was scared at first when I saw the login button but then saw keychain support and was esthetic.

I can't, the app store doesn't allow Android downloads.

Android? Wtf? Keychain is a Chrome/Firefox/Brave Extension... lol what do you keep going on about wiuth this app store nonesense? LOL 8slaps you* SNAP OUT OF IT MAN


That works on BRAVE as well by the way all chrome extensions work on brave or the ones i used do at least


Try loading it on a tablet?
I don't have a desktop, the one i use is owned by a luddite.
He uses edge!
He's one of the 12%.

technically it's eonwarped. if you don't like that, and you shouldn't, use keychain and don't share them. (nothing personal against eon, he's awesome, just, you should avoid keysharing whenever possible)

That is why i asked.
So, our key goes to his server?
Active key, too, when we move tokens?

I can't use keychain until the app store allows android downloads.

It's a condenser clone, so keys should stay locally on your device.

So, the need for vigilance will persist, though.
I wouldnt imagine that it takes many lines of code to extract keys.
Would github track a change to the code that made that change to the clone?
Or, would short term mods be invisible requiring constant review of the code?

Whatever tool you use and where you input your keys, you are extending your trust to the devs and their security. It can happen that someone hacks an app and adds malicious code that will extract your keys and it will be very hard to detect and block that.

Just a matter of time and luck at not being caught up in a hack.
It's worked this far, i guess.

So my posts and comments could earn, for example, these weed tokens if users through their portal vote for them? And I can see all the tokens I've earned using Keychain?

If this is correct, this is fantastic news and you got something great on your hands! I've always agreed with the point that DPOS system with a reward sharing mechanism built in that's just like Steem but actually has proper vetting of shareholders can actually flourish and excel in any competitive space, since stakeholders can have immediate and a bigger impact with their stocks than traditional companies offer with their own.

Who the individuals are that hold your company stock actually matter a ton more in a system like this, but if they are the correct people, anything is possible!

Keep making Steem great again ;)

Yep, this is what's happening.

Well I'm a fan!

OK @aggroed! I am not certain about something here! Do folks continue to post on Steemit, and their posts also appear on Weed Cash? I can point at one whale I have been following in particular. I see one of his posts on Weed Cash. It does not have a different subject (he focuses on mindset) or tags than his usual, and he has no Weedcash rewards in comparison to the high rewards he earns on Steemit.

I think it's just a clone of steemit.com, like busy.org, but it's only showing you weedcash tokens. Steem tokens are still being rewarded, but on weedcash you will have blinders on and only see weedcash distributions. So now you can be a weedcash whale. A big fish in a small pond basically. :D

So one and done for a post? Post on Steem and it still shows up on Weed Cash? That is still not clear to me!

Any post on any of these custom websites can be viewed on steemit.com. The custom sites will filter out any post that doesn't use their custom tag.

Got it! Thank you!

Soon Token Town will have it's own site like that...
Looking great guy's!

Tokentown, whats up guys? That Klye logo is looking sick. @klye drew @steemitqa for me and it was wonderful, still gotta pay him for that.

Hello! yes, Klye does an amazing job with logos. Def. lucky to him draw you one!

This is going to rock. Steem future is bright

Testing votes on comments since the main tag wasn't weedcash on the post.


Didn't want to make a root post to test it out, so I just made a comment here.

Testing to see if this reply works.

Great news!
Congratulations Steem Engine and weedcash team for putting everything together to lead others towards a better token economy on steem.

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It is good news!

Love it! Testing this out , over on Weedcash.network to see how the rewards are.

@aggroed, Great to know about this new era of Tokenised Platform. And definitely more Tokenised Ecosystem we have then more monetisation is abled. Let's hope that this platform and community will grow effectively.

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Great work steem good feauter weedcash

Weedcash you say. I don't have keychain. I use steemconnect .. but I'll give the tag a whirl on tomorrow episode of #themorningbowl

At first I was shocked, like we already got smoke.io, so this is kinda a rip off us, however I need to test it, will have a nice place to land the bots! lol

I did think about its similarity to SMOKE

Yup, our big competition now, don’t worry, were going to smoke them!

I don't see them as competition.. anything that brings people out of fiat and into crypto is good imo

When i click on wallet it redirects to "steemitwallet" why is that? I guess an update will be rolled out soon.

That could be a problem, I just signed up for a brand new account, did not know what I was doing. I did not want to get it mixed in with my main steemit account yet, but that is the point? Got a cool name though, @firealien waiting for it I guess. I gotta test it out first! OMG I guess that means I have 3 steemit accounts now? Well see???????

Nice, my small upvote was worth almost one weed. I dig it. Thanks for a new place to post my weed related things. ^>^

I'm only just getting to understand this... but if this means I can start a significant user community around @tommyrobinson then boy is this thing important.

Wow it can be staked like #potcoin!!!

fuck potcoin weedcash is actual steem based and you can earn it from Posting, and we will get deals with dispensaries to allow them to maybe not acceppt it directly but allow you to go buy vouchers using it or something , like we will ahve a website with a streamlined way with buttons and guides videos showing new users how to sell Weedcash for Steem, sell that for BTC and cash that out at a BTC ATM near them and then to us ethat with WeedMaps.com app ywhich can let you get Deliveries in legal cannabis states ... and if your eNOT iun a legal state we can save your cannabis vouchers for whern you DO go and send it to a dispensary and get some system goingw here they sabeteh cannabsi package for when you visit on vacation etc

Are personalized condensers a part of the initial SCOT deployment and 1 ENG/monthly active user fee? I'd love to read more about what kind of condenser customization will be offered.

still figuring out pricing for this. I think some updates are coming.

I just visited weedcash and try to make my first post there...

The payout is 24 hours instead 7 days O.O Nice!

I wonder if that's a good thing? I means you no longer able to receive more upvotes on that post after 24 hours.

What!!! That's awesome.

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Hi, @aggroed!

You just got a 0.15% upvote from SteemPlus!
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why it's hard to load? no blog shown and there's no words saying that I didn't write yet?

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Cool and resteemed :-)

So this is like communities for real!

Yeah.... Will it be liked by people?

This is so cool! You guys are really awesome.

Lucky to see so great project. It is very interesting idea. I join already and tested it.

The beginning of a new era


Really good job! I love the Idea and i see a future for it. The only Problem i see is the account/ wallet creation. Is there a way to make Lite accounts or something like this? Because it would be good, if this Communitys can create own accounts in a easy way.

Anyway good job!

Hardfork 20 solved part of this. There's now discount account creation tokens that users with stake can get, but the problem is no good tooling exists for it so the experience still sucks.

Thanks @aggroed, I try to use weedcash, and want to promote to chinese steemians.
But I buy 45 Weed on Steem-engine and Upvote to another post.
Also, show 0 weed on the post.

Is it that, I have something wrong?

You have to stake them. Click the "lock" icon in the wallet.

Man, you are doing pretty great things for steem. I am going to keep supporting them best I can.

Oooooo.... I see.... I haven't Stake Token.!!!

Also the post needs to have the tag weedcash.

History written <3 Amazing job to everyone involved!

Okay, that is very nicely done. That definitely looks better than it seemed when reading about those features in an earlier post. Very nice.

I want to start this right now. When will "custom-website" open?

Here's your DRAMA. Don't spend it all in one place!

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

Congratulations @aggroed!
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This is very cool to see! Up Up And Away!🚀🚀🚀


Fantastic....l I just signed up. Will share my Homegrow.... https://www.weedcash.network/@offgridlife

Thanks for this great article, I'm doing research on SCOT and found this, and my boss is asking me to build our own community but don't how to :)

just joined weedcash and got my account here : https://www.weedcash.network/@moonswamp

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