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Heading toward the Kimberley Rangers in Western Australia last year on our tour boat cruising along the waters of the Indian Ocean we could hear these whistling and clicking sounds coming up from behind the boat i thought we were been warned about something coming up but it turned out to be a team of beautiful friendly Dolphins coming up to greet us this was a real surprise and excitement to me as i had never seen so many Dolphins so close up and so friendly , did you know that Whales and Dolphins use there sound effects for hunting and navigating when deep in the waters a interesting factor.


The other sea creature we saw was the Crocodiles hunting the waters for what ever they could catch so don't dangle your legs over the edge of the boat otherwise you could end up legless , it's one sea creature you want to keep your distance from and in Western Australia around the Kimberley Rangers you will see many hanging around near the mangrove trees where they normally will be hunting for there food like this Crocodiles eating up his catch of day a nice juicy fish 😁




#seaphotography by @marc-allaria






Wowwww...There are many dolphins 🐬 in the first pic ..they so cute.. amazing, so lucky you. I wish I could see some dolphins when I was on ferry from North to South of NZ and my trip to Milford South but I didn't be lucky enough 😭

Are Crocodiles friendly in Oz? 🙁🤪
I hope I will see these lovely animals next time in Aussie.
Great photography.
Have a wonderful weekend

It was really nice to see so many dolphins at the one time i really love dolphins you will no doubt see these beautiful dolphins in Australia on your travels but crocodiles no they are not friendly stay away from them unless you want to become there dinner 😱

You have a lovely weekend also @trangbaby 😊

Hahaaa..thanks for your advice....I don't want to be their dinner 😭 I'm still young and want to see more Aussie 😃

That's right we wouldn't want that to happen only visit the crocodiles that are on the other side of the fence like at a Zoo 🤣

To see the dolphins so close is a big delight. I would not say the same for the crocodiles LOL.

Haha , true on that i will give the crocodiles a miss , lol 😱

Have a great weekend 👍