Getting Ready For (My) Sea Trials


April is amazingly rich in weather in Northern Europe. Mist and coat in the morning and short sleeves and sun screen in the afternoon. After two weeks of work, some by myself (the iPhone no longer recognizes my fingerprint), and most of it by the skilled people of the yard, the boat is in fantastic shape and ready to sail.

Due to travel restrictions many ports are closed (e.g. all ports in the Waddenzee). So I will stay in the IJsselmeer for the time being.


Incredibly cool!)
I would travel on a ship and play jazz on the street as in the old days)

sounds like a receipt for a good life ;)

My guess is that the lock down will end by mid May and everything will get back to normal gradually. On what waters are you planning to sail? Is there any crew needed for your boat or you can manage to sail it by yourself?

For two people it is a lot easier - but it is possible to sail single-handed, too.

Great photo Marius!
Soon the sun will appear ;)

hey what great news! What a great, a great way to get through all this we are experiencing. At sea!!!
Have an excellent trip, your sailboat looks great.