Sailing From Helgoland to Vlieland


This shot has been taken with Leica Apo-Telyt-R 1:4/280 at 53º 41.04' N, 6º 30.34' E.

Shortly afterwards the sun started to set we sailed through the night just one day after full moon. At sunset the wind was light enough to cook a full meal and eat at the table.

After two months at sea I have returned to my home port in Makkum (The Netherlands). Sailing and supporting the changing crews (family and friends) kept me fully busy and I did not find time to post anything or keep the pictures organized.

Honestly, I have much more respect for sailing bloggers now. Sailors who spare no effort to publish quasi-realtime material. Chapeau. Not me. However, I might make time soon.


spend two months at sea! must be great. My interest in the sea always encourages me to become a captain. and this photo reflects peace. I can't wait to see more. you are very successful. congratulations..

I love this capture. It's a waves series to me. Good Photography my friend. Greetings from Ilorin Nigeria 🇳🇬.

@tipu curate

wow, two days at sea. That's quite the journey. Sounds like an awesome adventure. Neat photo. I can just make out the windmills in the background

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