Sailing To Coronempty Harbors


Dear Hivefriends,

since one month I am living on my ship Maranea. So corona-wise I have more than passed the quarantine here in The Netherlands. Luckily, many marinas and harbor are open on the IJsselmeer and I can almost freely dock in any of them. After all, I am completely self-sustaining (electricity, water, toilet, shower, etc.) and therefore am not putting myself or anyone else at risk.

The picture shows my ship alongside what is normally a super-busy street in Lemmer (here is how it looked like almost 100 years ago). In a typical year, so the locals told me, the harbour in the old town would be super crowded. Now it is empty and I could choose the place to dock freely.

Currently I am single-handing my yacht which is a bit of work and I am looking froward to when the lockdown (light and hard) lift and I can get people to join the crew.


PS: You must all be happy about the Hive price, no?


That's so brave! I'm not even brave enough to get on one of those ships, not to mention travelling with one. Stay safe!

The photography was beautiful. How cool to pass quarantined on a ship.
The hive price has been a great surprise. :)

Thanks for letting me discover Lemmer... I would be curious to know how you discovered it and what attracted you to moor your boat there.
I hope you enjoyed the peace that loneliness can give you.
A warm hug!

P.s.: the price of hive is interesting: who knows if he will keep it?

I will probably end up visiting all major harbors in the IJsselmeer as many marinas in other areas are still closed. Next on the list is Urk, I read it used to be an island before the water level was controlled.

I can imagine that this is one of a kind experience living on a yacht.

The price is nice but I hoped that the price would go on 9 cents again. I wanted to buy some more Hive but I quess I have to wait.

You must all be happy about the Hive price, no?

Don't tell me it was you behind all this :)

I am happy for the effort the community has put into this. Way to go. I am positively surprised by the outcome 😉

Haha - no - I was a passive supporter only - too busy with getting the boat under control 😉

That ship look - pretty great though am not able to get that clear view picture of it from the front side.

Yeah the hive price is breathing hope right now and I wish it can continue going upI

@mariusfebruary, a nice picture of your ship. Seems that you are having an amazing time.