Ship Naming Ceremony For: MARANEA


(metal plate with the ship's former name, bottle of Champagne, one silver dollar to be placed under the mast, flags of the host country (The Netherlands) and my club for decoration)

This post is the permanent record of my ship's naming ceremony.

Because of the corona related social isolation, I was alone, and instead of a group of friends on board, I nominate you, my followers, as my witnesses :-)

First, I asked Neptun to erase the old name Vrijheid from its ledger. As a symbol, I sank the metal place shown on the picture into the sea.

Then I named the ship MARANEA, wished her fair winds and calm sea, and wished the crews to come good luck and health. Finally, I poured a glass for Neptun, one for Maranea, and one for the captain.

I will post more pictures tomorrow in the daylight :-)


Congratulations on the re-naming of your ship, sorry you weren't able to share with your friends,but I most certainly will raise a glass in honor of MARANEA.
Be well and stay safe

Congratulations Maranea on your new name :)

Exciting times ahead!

Hello dear friend, are you renovating a ship or just renaming? I have seen how in previous pictures you show very nice ships, as far as I can see, this is your thing.

It is my thing now. I did quite a lot of sailing 20 years ago and have re-started last year. Now I am looking forward to spending time at sea 😀.

Nice to be the witness for the renaming of the ship. More pics!
Does the new name have any meaning?

Glad to see You here :)