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RE: SEED Holdings Report #34 - Project Seed starting it's second year!

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Haven't been able to follow this as much as I'd like but is there an easy way to see how much value someone has right now if say they would've bought $1000 HBD worth of SEED initially?


Easy peasy.

100K seed total supply.

Initial price of 1 SEED = 1 HBD (those who bought initially).

Actual TVL = 150K$ ; value of every SEED is 1,5$ (+50%). Just divide the total funds between all the tokens 8since you can redeem for it's backed value theoretically).

ATH was 4,88$/SEED. But this was at the Nov peak.

Cheers Acid! (We'll meet at hivefest? :O )

Thanks! missed this reply somehow, not sure, trying to make it but not guaranteed yet!

math :P