How can I earn Seeds?

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This question is asked by many newbies of the SEEDS community.

You can post any kind of video on, you will earn Dtube Coin (but only if you invest in the system or if you know people who already use it)
If you link your account with a Hive account, you will also earn Hive. It is the same process, do not expect to get rich fast, like all social network, it take times to build relations and reputation. Every liquid cryptos are linked, nowadays, so if you get DTC and Hive, you can convert them in Seeds.
My D.Tube account

The SEEDS community on Hive

If you need any tutorial, I will be glad to make one.
I understand that it could be a little bit frustrating to open an account on D.Tube + an account on Hive + an account on Seeds.
That makes a lot of private keys to save!

But anybody can post a video, if you have a smart phone and a connection with bandwidth and it is the easiest way to earn token in my opinion.


Thank you for that.
this is a question I am being asked often and trying to find as many answers to as I can, sharing what I find and even creating new ways (I locally pay with Seeds for used Tetra Bricks that we use for planting. recycling ; ))
any idea what you can do with LBRY Credits ? this is another easy token to gain.
is it exchangeable with Seeds ? / Hive ?

There is a limit in the number of accounts that you can manage and I think that is more interesting than odyssee or lbry because makes automatically a Hive post with your post. If you are a verified original Dtuber, you can also get big upvote from the @dtube account on Hive, so / Hive is the pair I am recommending, but if you want to explore other, It is fine ;)
Of course LBRY, DTC and Hive can be exchanged from one to another.

how do you swap LBRY credits for Hive ??I have quite a lot and have nothing better to do with it.
It sits in a wallet.
as for I like the concept but not much of a video person.

According to CoinMarketCap, You can exchange your LBRY on Bittrex or HotBit
and Hive can be exchange on, huiobi and binance
so you need to use something with little transfer fees, like matic or BNB as intermediary.

I think most campaign have been disabled, but there are still ways to earn seeds. Example, #cleanplanet

Yes, @cleanplanet is a great project, did you give it a try ?

I'm yet to try #cleanplanet. Am planning to pick up garbage 🗑in my community.

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