To the girl in the mirror

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It is never too late to tell someone she is special.
Never too late to tell her she deserve the best.
That she is worthy of both cheap and expensive stuff.
She needs to be taken cared of in all aspects.
That her health comes first.
Her opinion matters.
The decisions she makes might be right.
Let her embrace her beauty.
Help her improve and understand.
She deserve to be loved.
That she is not selfish for wanting to be treated well.
She is beautiful and smart.
Appreciate her for her being herself.
She's being adored.
Her sanity is important.
That she is enough and deserving.
Tell all these to someone today.

Someone named -YOU. ❤


Hi @feye! I believe in your potential and I've upvoted you with 50%-75% of my voting power for your article to have more presence.


Hi miss beautiful

Hello, madam!

hello I do not speak in English but I translated your post and it seems very good to you

Thank you @gregoryacosta. :) Hope it inspires you also.

Wow. So nice. Such words will resonate like sweet Melody to the listener. More so like I reiterated in my post, best is tell your mum how special she is...good one

Appreciate the kind words. Hope it helps you too, dear. Love and be loved! :)

Sure and keep it coming. Do also check out my blog posts too 😎

Hmmmm nice pic and also beautiful poem..
Upvote you maam