Are You Making This SEO Mistake?

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Are you making this SEO mistake in your copy? 🤕

You did your keyword research, defined your long-tails, location modifiers, and popular topics. Now if you just use your main keywords a bunch of times you're bound to rank on Google, right?⠀

WRONG 🚫! This is called keyword stuffing (please, please don't do this).⠀

Using the right keywords helps your target audience find you. You usually want a good mix of high and medium volume keywords (those are the niche-specific terms). The key is using them just the right amount of times.⠀

How many times? No one knows. (Just kidding) but we do have a good idea. It's important to have your main keywords early in your copy. Definitely have it in your headline, but also in the first paragraph. In general, about 0.5-3% density is good SEO. That means for a 1,000 word web page or blog posts you want to use your keyword 5-30 times.⠀

P.S. a good tool I like to use is Copywritely. I've mentioned it on here before. It analyzes your copy for keyword stuffing, readability, and redundancy.⠀

Feel free to save for later or share this post. If you have any questions about SEO copywriting comment below and let me know!💕.

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You should use the CTP tag in your post and check out the click track profit community it’s all about marketing

I did not know about that community. Thanks!! I'll be sure to check it out!