Serfdom & Sorcery: We're Back Up and Running!

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We're back!

On 5/24/23, we had a problem. Jboss, as he's known in the Psyber-X and Serfdom & Sorcery Discord, had been running our beloved game, Serfdom & Sorcery or S&S for short, from his laptop. This obviously wasn't our desired end game, but we also didn't expect to grow from 0 to 1000(!!!) players in less than a month. We knew that the game bot has been consistently going down for long hours at a time due to various reasons, but mostly from Alpha reasons-you know...fixing bugs, issues, tickets, game balancing, etc. This is what his laptop looks like now:


Fortunately, the night before his laptop burned up, we sent another back up to team members. We have been prepping the game for moving it to a cloud based server anyway, so that it could restart if someone inadvertently caused the bot to crash throughout the day or night. With the latest copy of the game in the hands of a very select few, the game was preserved. However, something that did not make it through the burn was all the player data. So what did we do? Well...instead of trying to comb through 2 MILLION commands that had been given in one month...

We built a bot


While we could pick through the piles of commands and data to find every player's stats, holdings, etc., 2 Million commands would have taken us a very long time. We would have done it methodically, of course...find every !register command, find the hive account linked to it, then used Ctrl+F to find everything linked to that one account...but that would have taken weeks, most likely, even with a team of 10 or more. No...We built God's Eye to do that work for us. We wanted to focus on every permanent purchase first. The Eye was sent to read 100 commands at a time, as that is the limit Discord gives us. After two days, we have recreated the data as best we can, and we think we've done a BANG UP JOB!

What's Next?


We've mentioned them before. We'll continue to build around them, making them the best fortification in Serfdom & Sorcery. There were only 300 available. We've seen several !claimthrone to grab theirs. We suggest you move quickly if you want to get your hands on your own! We also announced on our Discord that any Psyber-X Commercial Plot Owner gets a 1 Million DBLN discount off the 3 Million DBLN price tag.

In case you didn't know, the castle allows you to purchase a Mega Farm for 100K DBLN, which then pays out 5000 DBLN per day. For those who love math, that's a 20 day payback!!!

The dragon egg is 10K DBLN and takes a little time to hatch. Once it hatches, though...Watch out! There are some amazing perks that will come from owning a dragon. Have you ever seen the damage a dragon can do or the distances it can travel? Of course you haven't. The first one hasn't hatched, yet. And instead of ruining the surprise now, I'll simply say this... @bobthebuilder2 was the first to get his dragon egg. It's going to be hatching very, very, very, very soon. When it don't want to be its first meal...oh...and you can only get a dragon egg, if you own a castle...

By the way... 2500 Farms Sold Out in less than a couple weeks. You may want to act quickly...

Pastures, Anvils, and Labs

Upgrades have always been exciting to us as fellow gamers. What good is a game if you can't upgrade?! In Serfdom & Sorcery, we also believe you should be able to swim in your own pool of DBLNs. Mix the two together and you get upgrades that give out DBLN.

- Pastures

Anyone who owns a cow knows those dog on things get sick...and way too often. The shaman is always happy to see a sick cow. It means more DBLN in his pocket. Fortunately for you, you now have the opportunity to !buypasture to profit share with the shaman. The shaman needed to raise funds to buy a head shrinking book. He didn't just need one. He needed crates of them. So the shaman went to Jboss and struck a deal. The shaman is giving 10% of all the costs taken to !healcow and handing them over to Jboss. Jboss in turn said, "I don't need the DBLN." So he decided anyone who wanted to split the 10% he's gaining from the shaman, they only need to !buypasture in Serfdom & Sorcery (And you need to have NATURE as your chosen expertise). Once they've bought their portion of the pasture, they can claim their earnings by using !cultivate and their equal portion of the 10% will be shared at that moment. Miss a day? Your portion goes to Jboss to throw toward the peasants and serfs in the streets around his castle. The helps fatten up the poor before his dragon eats theee....oops. Never mind...I didn't say anything...moving on...

- Anvil

You're a warrior? What do you do when you're not slicing heads off monsters and disposing of their slime and goo? Yes...yes...the tavern...of course you're getting drunk, but I meant after that.

You're making pickaxes, of course!

Only someone with COMBAT expertise can own an anvil. It would do no good in the hands of a pillager or naturalist. Much like the shaman sharing his revenues, the blacksmith noticed the shaman buying up more than his share of head shrinking books and the blacksmith wanted to expand his knowledge, too.

He, of course wanted to read the book, "How to Catch a Garden Fairy: A Springtime Adventure" by Alice Walstead. It's a great read. I recommend all of you give it a try. Anyway, he decided to give Jboss 5% of all the pickaxe proceeds to share with anyone who !buyanvil. Again, Jboss said, "What am I gonna do with all this DBLN?! So he decided that anyone who did !buyanvil (for 100K DBLN) would be able to !smith and have an equal share in the previous 24 hours of pickaxe sales. Should there be 500 people who !buyanvil, then !smith would give said owner 1/500th of the 5% earned from pickaxe sales the day before.

- Lab

As previously written about, anyone can own a hovel. You just !buyhovel and for 10,000 DBLN, you will be given protection over your precious DBLN, or at least up to 4,000 DBLN in your bags. Now that hovel isn't dagger proof. After so many knocks on the door within a 24 hour timeframe, the thing falls apart leaving you exposed. Eesh. Don't want to be caught standing there in your knickers! And while it also rebuilds your HP a few hours at a time, there's an upgrade.

By using !addlabtohovel, you are able to build a massive attachment to your hovel. The lab allows you to create the ingredients necessary to make potions and then you can sell all your potions to Jboss, who then lists them on the open market for all to buy. In return, you get to split 25% of the previous day's sales with everyone else who is supplying Jboss with these drugs...ahem...I mean potions. If there are 20 people with these labs, each person can !collectpotionsales to get 1/20th of the 25% collected in potion sales from the day before. If you claim it throughout the day, you may get a different amount, but it all adds up to be the same for everyone who owns a lab.

The materials to make the lab are pretty expensive and hard to find. The more labs there are, the harder it is to find the materials to make it; therefore, if you want a lab, you'll have to figure out the price based on who bought one last. For instance, the first 10 labs were sold for 400K DBLN. The next 10 were 500K DBLN, then 600K DBLN. You'll have to check if you can still buy one for 600K or 700K at this point. Why tier the pricing? Well, the higher the price, the fewer the owners. The fewer the owners, the more they get to spread amongst themselves. We wanted to make sure that the supply was limited so the rewards could be greater. Every 10 that sell, the price goes up 100K DBLN. You get to weigh the options.

We have so much more to share, but only so much space. Join us on Discord to start playing now!

Good Luck!

Liquidity Pool DBLN:LVL

Serfdom & Sorcery has been linked to LVL via the Liquidity Pool DBLN:LVL. That means you can purchase DBLN with LVL, or you can swap LVL for DBLN. In either case, you will be ready to play any of the games provided by the Psyber-X team. I personally swapped some LVL to !claimthrone in order to get my own castle in Serfdom & Sorcery. Perhaps you will earn some DBLN in the game and trade it for LVL in preparation for placing a wager in Psyber-Decks. You could also use the LVL:Swap.ETH Liquidity Pool to get some ETH or to start moving ETH to DBLN. Imagine that...DBLN for Ethereum. Makes me want to go !mine and !fish some more.

- Gone Fishing -


Go Pick Up Some DBLN Now

There were 2500 farms available for purchase in Serfdom & Sorcery. THEY ALL SOLD OUT-QUICKLY! Each one has a daily payout of 500 DBLN which you can use to buy more potions, a pickaxe, or a myriad of other things. There may be upkeep to keep those farms pumping out DBLN at such a high rate in the future, but for now, they are wonderful little plots...We will be turning all farms and castles into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Hive blockchain so that all of you who missed out on the sale will be able to purchase one on the second hand market in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled. The castles in particular get a very specific NFT. Are you fit to wear the crown?

Want to become the King?

The King is the top player. If you get there, you'll earn taxes from all the peasants below you. Not the King? You'll pay taxes to the King...muwahaha...get to work!


Serfdom and Sorcery was created by the makers of Psyber-X. It is a very new game, yet it is already the fasted expanding and best Hive game on Discord! It is just a game, even though it is an awesome game. If you choose to play, remember that it is in an alpha stage where crashes may occur on occasion. Please inform us of any bugs you may encounter via our room for this purpose. It is not an investment. It is fun. Lecture over ;)

I thank you for sharing the most recent Serfdom & Sorcery (S&S) news. The team's resilience in overcoming the setback brought on by the laptop fire and ensuring the game's preservation is commendable.

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very good game... good mechanics... the game is very addictive