SGL Solidarity Week 3 | Michael Schütz, Dance with me

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This is my contribution to @ylich's sonicgroove solidarity intiative.

Though I am thoroughly a classical music guy (with Baroque music as main interest) sometimes it is nice to venture into unknown territory.

Michael Schütz is a German organist and composer who combines popmusic with the organ and it's use in liturgical service. The result can be quit nice, though difficult to play (for me).

In "Dance with me" Schütz uses elements of Klezmer music. The right hand plays a typical Klexmer melody, the feet plays the bass and the left hand plays off-beat chords. As a former pianist, I'm used to play off beat chord with the right hand. Playing them with the left hand proofs to be quite tricky.


Great performance! I can see you really enjoyed to play it, although it's not "your Style". Very dramatic sound changes!!!

Thanks for keeping as part of this...!

I regret not more of the former participant contribute to your initiative. I know of two other music contest so perhaps there are more and they play for other contest?

I also regret that there are no more participants, as well as the lack of support from SGL organizers and sponsors. I think that has nothing to do with the other contests, because they are not participating in them either. Sadly I think it's just about having a grand prize ... I don't know. But I love the spirit with which you responded, @kantos, @ jubei333 and you.

SGL already announced a new contest that will be called @hivelive and they already have the account, so this weekend I will think about whether to follow this proposal or what to do. I would love to know the opinion that each one of you has.

O, I did not know that. Where did you read it?
If there is a follow up contest your tribute has served it's purpose.

If so, I'd be more than happy!!! :-D

Krystle wrote about it on the SGL Discord server.

Found it and read it. Sounds like it'll take a few weeks at least, so there's probably time for a few more tributes. :-)

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Delightful music!

Yes, it was fun to play

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