WINNERS Shadow Photo Contest-round 55- Tree Shadows

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Shadow Photo Contest

There were so many great Tree Shadows this week that I boosted the prize payout up to 6 Steem! I loved seeing every single shadow photo and appreciate everyone's support!

The Winners

@izaid found this great tree shadow in the garden.


@erikah entered this lovely leafy tree shadow


@shasta entered this beautiful spruce tree shadow lined Alaska road


@tellurian found this wonderful big old shaggy tree


@ellenripley entered this delightful tree shadow


@tonyz found this wonderful photo perfectly titled 'Industrial Tree Shadows'


@keithboone entered these great shadows with daffodils


@otage found this great shadow that appears to have its arms wrapped around this building!


@eto-ka found these fabulous shadows at a castle in Russia


@boddhisattva entered these beautiful winter tree shadows


@annephilbrick entered this lovely maple tree shadow


@rossfletcher entered this interesting tree shadow photo


All the photos entered this week are great! I really wish I could just keep going and choose even more winners! Deciding which photos to pick is definitely the hardest part of this contest!

Go here to enter this week's contest

Shadow Photo Contest Round 56- Line Shadows

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Thanks you so much Melinda!

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My pleasure! Thanks for entering such a great photo!

Thanks very much, Melinda! Congratulations to all the winners!

Congrats to you, my friend!

Congratulations to all the interesting selections! Thank you @melinda010100!

It is a diverse collection of tree shadows, isn't it?
My pleasure!

Thank you! It's nice to be included with everyone's great shots :)

My pleasure! Your photos are always great!

An enjoyable contest. Well done everyone.

Glad you had fun with it! Hope to see an entry from you for Line Shadows!

Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks for your beautiful entry! I only wish I could have picked more winners! Maybe when the price of steem goes up I can pick more!

Quiet Melinda, I'll keep trying. Do not give up. I am pleased to participate in your contest! .. Congratulations for your great work @melinda010100!

Congratulations to all these awesome tree
shadows photo winners!! Trees sure make
some the coolest shadows!
Thank you so much 💕 @melinda010100! :-)

My pleasure! Having so many entries does make judging harder!

Thank You!!!!!!! 🤗
Congratulations to all the winners!!!!!

My pleasure! Hope to see a line Shadow photo from you this weekShadow Photo Contest Round 56- Line Shadows

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Thanks! You guys are the best!

Great photos! They are all winners. It's tough to be the judge of such talents. Lots of drama going on with the shadows.

It is hard to choose when every one of them are quite wonderful!

Congrats to all the winners and to @melinda010100 for keeping this great contest going!

Thanks S-P! I just realized what great initials you have!

Thank you for choosing my entry @melinda010100

My pleasure! I like you photo a lot!

Congratulations to all the winner
the whole picture is very beautiful, really i appreciate this amazing work
Thanks for this My friend
happy to enjoy the holiday

They are great photos, aren't they?

Sorry for the delay but I'm finally here. I've been busy with the translation.
What a great selection, all entries are wonderful! Congratulations everyone and thank you so much Melinda, for hosting this amazing contest! Well done guys!

I am so glad you got the Surfer info translated! Thank you for doing that. It is because of the efforts of you and so many people like you that @esteemapp and Surfer are as great as they are! Thanks for your wonderful tree shadow photo!

Well, let's see if others are glad as well and can appreciate my work.
Thank you Melinda for your support and for hosting the shadow photo challenge, it's and amazing opportunity for many people. Have a nice weekend 😊

My kids and grandkids were here all weekend and I am just getting caught up here! Your line shadow photo is wonderful and certainly should receive lots of appreciation.

Howdy Melinda! wow these are totally marvelous! lol.

They are. Aren't they?

Absolutely. As usual! lol.

Thank you!
Congratulations to all the winners!
Very beautiful shadows.

Thanks again @melinda010100 and congrats to co-winners! It's nice that you boosted the prize but hope that you have someone that support the contest.

No, it's all me! Always has been. I've given out a bunch of Steem over the past year, but it has forced me to be more engaged and enter more contests so that I could earn more steem to pay out to the Shadow Prize winners! And being engaged is a good thing here!

Wow! Great then. I am so glad to meet you here. Keep being you!

Thank you very much! Glad you like my work, @melinda010100!

That is an excellent photo! Hope you have some line Shadows to enter for this week!

Yeah, I took few pictures yesterday special for it!
Not a piece of art but I hope they will be nice after postprocessing 8))

Thanks so much for taking pictures specifically for the contest topic! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you have.

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Thanks so much! I appreciate the support!

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