Coinbase should make the Hive and the Hive Dollars (HBD) available instead of tokens like Shiba. I wait when someone create the Akita Inu token. These dog breeds are very good, the loyalty of the Akita Inu is legendary (see the example of the story of Hachiko), but creating coins with their names is just sounds nonsense and stupid.

Says the xplosive wit the pick of a wolf for his profile. Don't be a hater rudder bro, just go with the Flo. Yeah I was just talking about this with my friend, he bought all these serious coins and they didn't go anywhere yet, however all my crazy stupid pics I told him about are the ones making real gains. Maybe these coins are not meant to be taken too seriously. I guess you are gonna hate my next post once you see it, haha! Whatever the powers at be don't like HOVE because it's really useful, and poses a huge threat at cutting out their fee making if they list it. I don't think they will list HIVE because it would reck all their other coins, no one would ever have to send an ETH or a btc again and pay money.

Yes, SHIB to the moon ...

I just bought 150 million more on the dip!!

Wow that's very great.

Same here, too cheap to pass for diversified investment.

Yeah we have HIVE, it's out inflationary coin, then there is SHIB, since it's built on ETH it comes with a huge following, and is our deflationary currency like bitcoin. I think if one day HIVE and SHIB could work together, like with a listing on hive-engine that would be the best of both worlds. So far SHIBA has provided so many pumps, makes good for trading, stacking, and staking!

If this happens then both these coins will be on a really high peak.

That's all we wanted.