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RE: Showcase Sunday: Monkeying Around

I saw wavy lines. Maybe a bird shape or possibly one of those dead body outlines that they only do in movies. Thought it was unusual that you didn't have a face in there somewhere as you usually do, but if this was an earlier work perhaps you hadn't started sneaking faces into it yet? And then suddenly I saw a face like it had been summoned because I thought about it.

Congratulations on orca-ness :D Did you celebrate that too hard, is that why you need the longer break? ;D


What kind of fumes do you breathe in on a daily basis? LOL! I'm just messing around.

I didn't celebrate. Was actually thinking buying more might be a bad idea, but did it anyway, because it's what I wanted.

Just coffee, does that count? XD

I should probably sleep more maybe that's my problem >_>

Sometimes doing what you want is not a bad thing.