💰 The New Closest To The Pin Contest! The (GC00) Gold Continuous Contract!  & Last Contests Winner! 🪙

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💰 The New Closest To The Pin Contest! The (GC00) Gold Continuous Contract! & Last Contest (Silver) Winner! 🪙

Guess The Price (GC00) Gold Contract will be Friday May 26th at close. 📉

Have guess In by Market Close Friday May 19th


Rules/Here’s how it works 👇

  • Comment below and Guess the price you think the (GC00) Gold Continuous Contract will be 5/26/23 at market/contract close.

  • Have guess in by 5/19/23 Market Close

  • Winner gets all HBD author rewards!

  • Upvote Post! (Please register at least .01 value Vote) (At least .01 penny USD for guess to count) if you can’t upvote at least a penny you must send 0.1 Hive or .05 HBD for entry to count. This is for filtering spam guesses.

  • Not price is right rules! (It doesn’t matter if it’s higher or lower to price, just closest wins)

  • If a tie occurs - if posted a full day prior to other guess the oldest guess wins. If it’s under 24 hour difference the prize will be split 50/50 but given contest size this won’t happen often if ever.
    Please just pick different guess than others! It’s only a dozen or so people guessing and shouldn’t be hard 👍

Cheers and good luck my friends 🍻 Have a great weekend 👍


Last Weeks Winner! ⬇️ 🪙🙌🪙🙌🪙

Silver Contract Contest Guesses ⬇️

@methodofmad - $19.99
@thefed - $23.23
@jfang003 - $24.20
@tengolotodo - $24.24
@silversaver888 - $24.89
@silverd510 - $25.20
@borsengelaber - $25.25
@dswigle - $25.26
@coinjoe - $25.88
@olympicdragon - $25.95
@davedickeyyall - $26.00
@geneeverett - $26.26
@kerrislravenhill - $26.28
@fw206 - $26.98
@thebighigg - $27.27
@ashleesart - $28.00

Silver Contract Price
at 5/12/23 5pm Close ⬇️

Previous Contest Winner
with guess of $24.20
is @jfang003 🍻🪙👍💵





I like how you think!!! @kerrislravenhill
Twas going to be my guess😉

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My next guess was going to be this!👀🔍🔎👀

If ur online hit me back real quick

Wanna change ur guess by a penny or two?

U might be good for a tie but I’m not sure 🤔
Do you know how to check the exact time stamp? I just saw the days ago and wanted to drop a line just in case 👍 if it’s under 24 hours ur good for a tie but I at the moment don’t know how to check 😂

Drop me a line when ur around 👍



As for checking the date/timestamps, I always go to Peakd to find that information by hovering on the post or comment. Hope this helps @geneeverett

I must have missed seeing methodofmad's guess. Please put me down for $1999.9 @geneeverett

Locked in! Lucky Nines 🙌

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Ur welcome friend!
Great guess 🙌

🎯 $1999 🎯
Hoping Prince will give me some luck! 🖤🔮🎤👨‍🎤💦💜

💜 🎸💜🎸💜

A classic!

Its funny! This was the song about the future like it’s 1999! Now it can have such a vintage meaning like let’s party like it’s 1999! Before everyone was glued to an iPhone and a zombie!