Never Laugh At A Slapper

in #slapping2 years ago

Nothing sweet about "Dumpling" as he sends another one packing.

Seems to me most of the bizarre sports I have seen comes from the colder climate countries. Too much time on their hands stuck inside and coming up with a game to see who can slap one another the hardest. Crazy right, no it is beyond crazy and just f...... nuts and whoever came up with it probably works in the interrogation department for the secret police.

The rules are you have to slap your opponent using an open palm. Once you have had a slap it is then the turn of your opponent. The winner is declared when either one gives up or is knocked out. Yes you can be knocked out from one good slap. I wouldn't have believed it until I saw some clips. The fleshy part of your hand landing with a stiff palm backed up by arms bigger than Popeye's and you may just have a chance.


This is not a sport you could retire on though as the winner of the one tournament walked away with around $500. I don't see much longevity in being a champion as this is one for one and are still receiving blows for every fight you enter. You may get lucky and win the toss and knock the other fellow out with one go.

I am still confused by some of the rules as some tournaments the fighters have to put their hands on the table in front and lean forward to prevent them from moving and riding the blow. Up top is "dumpling" who is a farmer and built like an outhouse weighing in at 160 Kg's. His hands are not normal and resemble huge chunks of meat.
Knocked out in one slap.

"Popeye" who is known for injecting synthol into his arms to create muscles gets destroyed by "dumpling". These guys are become celebrities around the world for what they do and have a huge following. Most of their videos are getting millions of hits today and it is like a cult following. From what I saw the Americans are amateurs compared to what the Russians are dishing out and it would be great to have an international against the two countries.


Is it a sport? This is how my wife wakes me up every morning ... :-)

this is a wonderful sport. When i first saw it online a year or so ago i just presumed it was just something strange that Eastern Europeans do to get out of the snow. However, now i see that it is a real organization with real prizes and celebrities.

While i would never compete, i do love the idea. haha

I quite like it and find it funny when the one guy slaps his opponent and he doesn't drop and you see the guy getting nervous as he knows he is about to get whacked back. We used to play chicken when you put your hands together and slap each others hands, but never one for one on the face. It has a big movement now and "dumpling is a celebrity" lol.

You might like this one as well.

lol, seen that one already and yes, it is a winner for sure.

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Sheer stupid if you ask me. Why on earth would someone suffer those slaps? $500? Not for all the tea in China!
Lunatics! 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

Maybe for the tea in China I would take one slap.

That's indeed one of the weirdest sport event seen. You can't literally defend yourself but endure the pain. Seems odd, players are heavily exposed.

You have no defence and the chickens move as I watched another tournament where they were swaying trying to lessen the slap.

Now that, is just fucking nuts!!

My thoughts entirely. We are normal and they are mad. Even if I was drunk i wouldn't join in.

Russians are the craziest of the cold climate sportsmen. Theirs is the biggest cold climate country, which may explain it.

Don't forget the vodka, I believe that contributes too 😁

Take a look at these Russian crazies:

Worth a good chuckle and something I could watch if I was out having a drink with some mates.

yep, need to make it an olympic sport, something you could practice at home with your family. lol

Are you kidding me? The Russians are crazily brutal lol hahaha this is bizzare and I'm Still laughing

You have to laugh as these people are just plain stupid and mad.

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Haha! I've never heard of this sport. It's funny because the story I'm telling about the Texas Ranger Frank Hamer was famous for knocking criminals off there feet by slapping them upside the head. lol.

The guy barely has an armpit. It is just solid muscle from his pec into his arm! Pretty crazy stuff. I have seen clips of this sort of thing in the past. I didn't realize they were still moving forward with it. Pretty crazy!

@janton - Dude, check this out. The human spirit for competition never ceases to amaze.

I know, I resteemed this post. It reminds me of Frank Hamer! lol.

F**k that could be permanent life threatening damage to you for $500 bucks give that one a 🤣

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