Smartcash Smartnode First Aid kit

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At this time of writing there are 905 Smartnodes with NEW_START_REQUIRED status, while another 37 with EXPIRED status. Chances are high that these 942 Smartnodes may miss out on the current payout period.

We all know how important it is to keep our Smartnodes up and running all the time, just 1 hour of downtime will cause our Smartnodes to miss out on the current payout period which by today's standards could take up to 11 days!

What I've observed is that Smartnodes smartcashd program is a very stable program, however, due to external factors it may come down unannounced. Some of these issues can range from disk space , network, resource constraints, file permissions, hung process , etc..

Most of these issues are preventable and some, automatically resolvable if common problem areas are checked routinely and ensuring that the officially prescribed maintenance scripts are put in place.

I thought I'd lend a hand a bit to some of those who maybe struggling to keep their once ENABLED Smartnodes to stay up and running all the time.

Smartnode First Aid kit

Let me introduce you to Smartnode First Aid kit ( ) , its an open source program available in GitHub that you can use to verify the health of your Smartnodes. It makes an attempt to quickly identify common issues with your server and Smartnode setup. It will also provide tips to help you resolve these identified issues.

This script will not change anything in your Smartnode host, but just diagnose issues and report health status.

Below is a screenshot on how to use and what to expect with the tool ( demo here with Failures ) :

After applying fixes to the issues identified, then rerun the tool:



check_smartcashd_process - Checks if your smartcashd daemon process is running check_sc_status - Checks status of your smartcashd. Runs smartcash-cli smartnode status check_crons - Checks if your smartcashd daemon is configured to start automatically after reboot check_cron_scripts_if_official - Checks your cron scripts if they are identical to the official Smartcash Smartnode scripts and if they are configured in CRON. It will recommend a script to configure your CRON with the latest official Smartnode scripts. check_sc_port - Checks smartcashd daemon port to ensure its listening and its not blocked by internal/external firewalls. check_web_status - Checks smartcashd daemon port, verifies if its communicable from external internet. check_system_stats - Checks your server's CPU and MEMORY stats and verify if its within reasonable thresholds check_disk_space - Checks each filesystem is within space thresholds check_debug_log - Verifies the space usage of your debug log. Provides tips how to clear it and long term fix. How to download and run Smartnode First Aid Kit script Run commands below on your Smartnode host as "root" or "smartadmin" user : wget bash ./ DM me at Smartcash Discord, your comments and feedback are all welcome. Over and out here .. you're friendly neighborhood "popcornpopper"


Nice tool, its great to see how a smart community can create things to improve further wherever they are in.

This will be handy for any smartnode owner,thanks.

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Seriously kickass! I love this and it just helped me out a bunch with the upgrade. Very useful and beneficial resource for all nodes! Thanks and great job!!!

you took your time to write all this? this is really a great article and thank you so much for this, i haven't set up smart nodes yet but when that happens and i get any issues i do use the smartnodes first aid to its rescue, i have to bookmark this, thanks again.

Thanks @marshalllife ! I'm a certified geek here.. lolz .. I had some spare time .. so enjoyed doing it.. I use it on my smartnodes too.. so.. win-win to be able to help others too. :)

its great sire, bless you for this

Another great tool from you. Thanks. Resteemed and upvoted. Just ran it against my nodes and found my nodes were not 100% like I expected. Applied the fixes recommend and now I can say its all green. Thanks for sharing and being very helpful.

Thank you @nitego !

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Very nice. I'm going to have to save this somewhere. Been thinking pretty hard about making the SmartNode jump. New to SmartCash but thinking I may go for it. Any quick tips, do's or don'ts?

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Thanks @doc-gonzo . If you decide to build a smartnode , checkout this vid tutorial from @hannahlicious ..

@popcornpopper thanks for this great tool kit. I will be putting my nodes through the test.
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Great guide. I'll definitely keep this handy for when I set up smartnodes.

Hi Popcornpopper. I wrote a similar script. Perhaps we can combine our checks. I look at a few other items including firewall setting. Let me know.

Also mine is more for people that have multiple SmartNodes.

Hi @controllinghand , yes , more than happy to combine forces.. I've also been in touch with @blockchainlib , and he had similar ideas to add security section.. I actually put some out there for iptables check.. but decided last minute to hash them out as this may complicate things for some people.. my script is out on github right now.. its integratable with other scripts.. just have to create an independent function , return fail, ok or warning with same color scheme .. there's also some parts there you can leverage ,i.e. the global variables and existing functions .. feel free to DM me at smartcash discord if you or anyone from the smartsquad would like to collaborate further.. Cheers !

Sounds good. I'm going to look at your code and perhaps integrate it into my agent? Or just have you write your output to a location. Right now I have my agents running on all my VPS every 10 mins and output to that smartadmin home dir /home/smartadmin/snmon/snmon.dat file. hmm... let's chat more.

Unfortunately, this isn't working for me. I've tried it on two nodes, both via Root and SSH. And I get the following error on both. I am using Root access via Vultr server, or SSH access via Bitvise.

ERROR: Unable to locate Smartvcash Application directory.
bash: No such file or directory

I figured by letting you know this error, maybe you could add a fix to your above instructions.


Hello there.. Sorry for your troubles .. may I ask if you can run below command ?

ls -ld /root/.smartcash/smartcash.conf /.smartcash/smartcash.conf /home/smartadmin/.smartcash/smartcash.conf


Hello @eltaxsex .. Ok , it's possible you may have smartcash.conf on both smartadmin and root users .. possibly causing this error.. I've made some bit of new improvement so the smartcash first aid script will be able to tolerate this situation.. could you please do the following:

  1. rm -f

  2. wget

  3. bash ./

Hope this works now for you..

Cheers !

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Good your posting