TEAM SMARTCASH on Steemit: Weekly Prizes and New Team Members!

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Welcome to another Weekly Update from Team SmartCash on Steemit!

Happy SmartRewards Week Guys! Thanks for all your amazing posts, here are our weekly prize winners:

Current Reward Structure:

450 SMART for Team SmartCash Banner of the month
30 SMART per article up to 4 articles per week
300 SMART for best article of the week
70 SMART for Team SmartCash MVP of the week

Reminder: Rewards payouts will only be made for original content. You can also translate other's posts into another language, with permission from the creator of that post.

Best Article of The Week

The post of the week and 300 SMART goes to @jbn for this really thorough post navigating through the SmartCash web wallet to highlight the awesome features in there!

Check out that post if you are not familiar with the web wallet, it is a must-read for any SmartCash newbies

Team SmartCash MVP

Winner of 70 SMART for being the best team player this week is @marshalllife

It had to be @marshalllife this week after some awesome comments on the last post from friends that have decided to join the team thanks to his passion!

Thank you @marshalllife for being an awesome team member!

Time To Enter The Banner Competition... Winner Gets 450 SMART Next Week!

We already have some great entries so far, so thanks to everyone who has already created theirs! There is still time to make one before next week's post!

Who can design a banner just as beautiful as the one we've been rocking in April?

Who is new to Team SmartCash on Steemit?


Want to join the Team? Let us know in a comment down below!

Join us on Discord! Drop by the Team-SmartCash-Steemit channel in the SmartCash Discord where we share posts and chat with each other!

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I really like SmartCash project but I think development is too slow. In Crypto world today if you don't deliver fast enough, you will fail. Smart rewards are great and when Smart nodes from web wallet start working it would be even easier to earn passive income...

Agreed 100% The dev team has allowed the SmartNode bug to be exploited for over 3 months now with no current resolution. They have the audacity to work on other areas of development and allow holders, miners and SmartNode operators to be harmed by this bug. For shame!

For more info please see my articles on SmartCash:

I’ve seen smartcash mentioned a few times now, over the past few weeks but haven’t done too much research. Is there a post or link that you could recommend as the best place to get started?

I love the idea of rewarding the community, so this definitely interests me

Hello @jasonhick I would like to be vain and say all my post! but really the smartcash website is very informative and if you rather speak with someone then our discord is best. The channels are well laid out and there are always moderators and members online willing to help.
Visit us on Discord
I will look forward to seeing you there.

I wrote this for teens I think it's as simple as it gets.

Hi jason. Welcome to the community. I also got to know about it few days ago. I have written 3 guides on it that will get you started. Here are the links

Investment opportunity in smartcash
How to Signup for Smartcash Wallet
Navigating through Smartcash Wallet

For more information, i would suggest you to visit the official website. It contains all the information that you need.

Nice post winner, good and complete JOB !!!!

Cheers JBN, will sit down this weekend and start looking it over. Seems like a kind of basic income project from what I’m seeing. Any extra cash is good haha

Smartcash is about to TAKE OFF! I hope.. :)

I've been thinking about promoting smartcash. Its ok to promote via social media but usually you are preaching to the converted. Where as promoting to the general public you are preaching to the unconverted.
I was thinking about merchandise like tee shirts as a talking point in schools and universities as well as older people in pubs and clubs. But tee shirts are really expensive to buy, then print then mail...
I remember many moons ago when i was a kid we used to get free in comics iron on transfers for marvel hero characters. These transfer must cost pennies compared to making and shipping tee shirts. So giving out transfers would be minimal cost as you provide your own tee shirt or hoodie and only pennies to mail a transfer within a country. Even using these transfers as prizes would be minimal cost for competition runners

Just some of my rambling thoughts :-)

All sounds great, t-shirts have always drawn attention especially now that we have the BEE mascot I believe people will come up with some great design ideas. I too am thinking of creating some T-Shirts and giving them out locally, so I hope that sometime soon I will be able to share some pics and interactions with the community.

Hey there @dune69, your transfer idea is an interesting one. Currently we have a merch shop with pretty reasonable prices that ships Internationally, and you can pay with crypto at the checkout

why the updates for this week not posted yet?

@dannniel the updates for the week are about to be posted... it gets posted every week around this same time + or - a few be patient...

Hey guys! i been Smartmining, Smartdiscording and Smartnoding for a bit now! I love to see the steemit presence. I included smart in my latest post :) check it you if you get a second! would love an upvote

Good to see how community is growing steadily.
Good work guys!

Congratulations Bro @jbn :) your hardwork paid off :) Keep up the good work. Looking forward to see more informative posts from your side

Thank you brother.. to be honest i didnt even know that @smartcash has a reward system like this on weekly basis. I was just trying to inform general masses about smartcash.. but you are right.. i feel so honoured to have been rewarded such a massive amount of smartcash.. thank you for trusting in my guides..^_^

You are welcome boss :)

It is Good day for me as well :D I won MinnowBoaster contest price :D 5 Steem, biggest winning as of yet. It mean so much for Minnow like me :D

congratulations to all the winners, and welcome to all the new members. Feel free to follow me and upvote all you can. On a serious note I be rooting for you all and watching out for your post on #smartcash. It's always nice to see smartcash from a fresh pair of eyes.
This post gave me a fresh view: SmartCash Smart Rewards VS Bank Savings

Thank you very much for the prize.. i am planning to write more tutorials on smartcash to raise awareness amongst steemit members..

The smartcash project is really great. Once i Came to know about it, i realized that smartcash has the potential to go beyond many mainstream blockchains and cryptos..
congratulations to all the winners...

I am going to resteem this, so that steemians could know more about this brilliant community..

Blessings and regards

Congratulations to all winners of the week!

My own contribution comes a bit late for this week but I can gladly wait until next week:


The SmartBee - The First Official Mascot For SmartCash

wow this is looking amazing, we can't wait yeaaaaaaaaah

And I created an animated banner out of the new Smartbee:


Just love this idea...

Congratulations to all winners, my self also ☺ ☺ as the smartcash community grows, so the love, joy, enthusiasm grows, wish i. could do. more really-SmartcashTeam we family

Σ$$$ Tipped @marshalllife Σ70 SMART! Comment @smartbot help to claim. Currently the price of SmartCash in the market is $0.176 USD per SMART. Current value of the tip is $12.32 USD. To find out more about SmartCash, please visit

The SmartCash community continues to grow!! Happy SmartRewards day everyone! Bee Smart!

Congrats to all the winners.
Wow... Am so happy 😃😃 to be part of this great community. Thanks @smartcash for accepting me into your fast growing community.
Thanks @marshalllife for introducing me to this team

Σ$$$ Tipped @Emekacollins Σ5 SMART! Comment @smartbot help to claim. Currently the price of SmartCash in the market is $0.169 USD per SMART. Current value of the tip is $0.85 USD. To find out more about SmartCash, please visit

Finally, what i have been waiting for is finally here. I want to say a big thank you to smartcash for granting my access to a part of this great team. And also i promise to do my best to the betterment of the team, i will try to put my all into it. Most importantly before i forget Congratulations to the winner @marsalllife you truly a hommie. One love smartcash family all over the World... @segunreus cares!

Σ$$$ Tipped @segunreus Σ5 SMART! Comment @smartbot help to claim. Currently the price of SmartCash in the market is $0.169 USD per SMART. Current value of the tip is $0.85 USD. To find out more about SmartCash, please visit

Congrats to all winners! And a friendly welcome to all new members!
Hopefully my banner gets picked this month, and if not i will keep trying until one does :D

how do I claim my smartcash reward - anyone can explain please

Congrats to the winners!

Congrats to all winner and a warm welcome to new Smarties.

Congrats to all the winners go Team SmartCash

I've wanted to write an article about smarcash to earn some, but since I don't have any I don't know what to write about XD


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smartcash is awesome. i want to join. please add me!

Hi @smartcash i want to join and spread the gospel too....thank you in addvance.

I hope i become a winner tooo....

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take another crypto - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the SmartCash - you stay in Smartland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. $smart

I am happy for the community. Congratulations to all the winners! The community is growing. I am happy to be in such amazing and alive community.
Be Smart and invest in SmartCash!

i want to join

Hey guys, I'd love to join the SmartCash team here on Steemit. If you'll have me of course.

I'm a SmartCash holder and have been drawn in deeper by how active the community is on Steemit and other social media networks. I can't escape SmartCash even if I tried and that community support is a huge part of why I think it's here to stay.

I'm keen to start adding the #smartcash tag to some of my blogs and help with the promo efforts. The rewards I see you can earn are also pretty damn alluring.

I created a new post about where to spend SmartCash Hope this can help someone.

I haven't been much active last two weeks but will definately make it up to the community this comming week.

Poco a poco esta criptomoneda coje valor, es genial!

Buyer Beware.png

There are major issues with SmartCash that are NOT being transparently and proactively communicated to the public, potential investors or existing holders.

There is an bug in SmartCash 1.1.1 code that has not been fixed for over 3 months
Someone is actively exploiting the bug to steal hundreds of thousands to millions of SmartCash from mining rewards.
SmartCash moderators censor and ban members that speak of the exploit.
SmartCash community members do not have power to vote on SmartCash development. They can only vote on proposals.

For more info please see my articles on SmartCash:

congratulations Winners!!