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RE: Amazfit (Zepp) Smartwatch - Sleep tracking experiment

Im not impressed with mine either. But it's a good starter watch. I guess cause I probably wouldn't have shelled out 300$ for a good watch, but now I will. Maybe after a year, I'll get a new one because I hate wasting money.

Besides, sleep tracking isn't that valuable.

I am also disappointed with zepp. I still can't pair it with my scale that does body fat and such. I can't even enter in that stuff manually. It's such a tease, lol.


I remember you saying you thought sweat was buggering up the heart-rate - mine has been pretty good in that department (as far as not losing track) since I tightened the strap up.

The Zepp app seems to have lost 2 months of my resting heart rate data, and looking on recent forum posts it seems a bunch of people are reporting other strange events.

So yeah, an upgrade at some point I guess - hopefully a freebie from Garmin :D

Yeah I had another problem witb the heart rate yesterday. I usually tighten it up before an exercise, but like to wear it loose during the day.
I'm not too concerned about 24hr tracking.
Also I don't really jog, so built in GOS isn't a huge must for me as I can just pair it to my phone when cycling. The heart rate monitor is important.

I hope you get your garmin. I'm looking into those and Samsungs because my next phone will probably be Samsung and living in Korea my privacy concerns are nonexistent because privacy is a foreign concept.

I have been adjusting for workouts too - the print left following workout tells me it's too tight for general wear.

Not really sure where to go next - Apple is an option but I hear Tesla are in the game too...