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RE: Amazfit (Zepp) Smartwatch - Sleep tracking experiment

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I've had a real live honest to goodness sleep study done in a lab. I got less than 10 minutes of rem sleep in the 8hrs I was in bed. Not so good.

7 electrodes on my skull and an O2 sensor on my finger. Because of the results I had to stay the day for a 'sleep latency' test and averaged under 2 minutes per nap cycle throughout the day. That is somewhere near the bottom on both tests.


Jeez! That sounds terrible!

Were there any reasons given as to why? And, how do you cope?!

Yes. It was to verify the diagnosis of Narcolepsy and moderate sleep apnea. Not a particularly good combination. I have been surgically corrected to a non troubling level of apnea. The Narcolepsy goes on.

Ahh. A double whammy that sounds rather mission critical. Glad that one aspect has been improved, and I wish you well in finding out how to improve on the narcolepsy.

I'm about 25 years in, I'd guess I'm used to it :)

Damn. And you still seem to have your marbles!