Stop Smoking ( what I wish for xmas from my parents)

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Hi Steemit, for a long time now I have  been bugging my mon and dad to stop smoking and they have not listened. They promise that they will but its always an excuse. What should I do? Have you helped any loved ones to stop, how did you go about it?

This might look a little bit Shocking/funny when first see it the picture below of a Spanish cigarette package with labeled warning. And me pretending to smoke  ( I will never smoke ) I just want to use this image to pressure my parents ( who are both on steemit now) to come through with the promise to quit and stop hurting their health.

Translated text to English is Children of smokers are more likely to have the same habit.

Wishing all steemians a nice time for the holidays and if you smoke cigarettes please try and quit

If you have a lovely xmas tree and would like to share it with me please do so here :  Show me your xmas tree

Thanks for reading, sharing upvoting and commenting with your ideas and support

This will be my last 100% post for a while, I will be switching to 50-50 after this one to try and earn some steemdollars I want to buy a new laptop for the spring.

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Unfortunately the only way anyone can stop smoking is to decide they want to stop. Doing it for someone else will result in failure most times. I do hope they do decide it is better for themselves to quit.

I tell them every day :(

You should start using that time to instead show them the quality of life they have can improve by not smoking. Lead by example, take up more sports and ask them to participate with you. Find activities that require them to breathe and take part in those activities. If they are shown that the things they want to do with you require them to be in better health, they will do it. If not, I best think to let the idea go really and allow them their vices and as you grow they will allow you your vices and still love you fully anyways.

Wise men :-)

I will tell you that my husband and I just recently husband stopped first by vaping and stepping down. I just recently started vaping and stepping myself down as well. It does make it easier because I have tried many times to quit cold-turkey and it was unbelievably difficult. It can be very hard for someone to quit, they have to really want to and they also have to understand that it will affect them and that it's only a matter of time. Good luck and I hope they listen to their incredibly bright child!!!

That's a powerful post. I rarely RS what I like (RS everything is a plague of Facebook IMO), but this post carries a message that I must spread as a person who started smoking early and give it up some years ago.

Christmas is one of the best times when your parents could quit, because giving up smoking is hand in hand with eating more as a redirection activity. Around Christmas and New Year, people eat a lot already, no problem. ;)

Maybe you should tell them 2nd-hand smoke from them to you is bad.

Well they do always smoke outside and never in the car

That's good. At least, they try not to let you get it.
Keep trying. I sure they'll come around.

Good attitude Aidan
I think you should not add pressure on them that way , it look like blackmailing man but i won't deny , it is very nice idea .
I like that you care about them so much and trying your best to make things better but it is their choice at the end :)

I totally can understand that you want to change your parents behavior but the truth is you can change only yourself ;-)
I wish you much success with your new laptop mission :-)

I quit smoking because I got pneumonia! Thanks for your well wishes for everyone including your parents. Good luck!

Good luck...know what i talk about!

When I was growing up, my grandparents and parents smoked regularly. Today, my Mom still smokes but not nearly as much. One positive result is that I hated second hand smoke so much growing up that smoking was never the slightest temptation for me. How many of you had parents who smoked in the car, then would crack the window a quarter of an inch (sometimes in freezing cold weather) as if that helped at all?

Exercice/sport is key for someone who want to quit smoking, forget about anti-smoking medication.

I admire your attitude and effort in trying to get them to quit smoking! But It's upto them really (if they want) to make a real effort towards quitting and I hope they do. Keep Steeming and looking forward to more from you! :)

I hope they start listening. I just spent Christmas day with a family member dying of lung cancer. It's not nice! they can do it!! Best wishes x

Yo lo dejé hace 10 meses despúes de 17 anios fumando y la verdad es que me siento como una persona totalmente diferente. Espero que tus padres se unan y lo dejen también. Muy buen post!


one more thing make sure your not to affected by wifi!
and you are well connected to the earth
careful with electricity!

Hey kid, get your parents to check out my post on quitting smoking; "Are you ready to quit smoking?". It's under smoking, cigarettes, health.