How to have your cat happy and healthy / tips for your pet

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Hello friends of steemit, today I want to give some tips so their kittens are more healthy and happy since they also need our love and some care to make them our faithful companions.

I.- Kittens need a good diet
Cats like any animal in need of certain foods more than others, that provide them the necessary nutrients for them. For the diet of our kittens is very important to remember first that they are cats, why need a variety of meats such as: fish, cattle and pigs, which guarantees them the nutrients required for normal growth and development. The biggest mistake we can make is to omit the meat in the diet of our feline friends. On the other hand, we must also have in mind that these beautiful animals should not eat certain foods or sweets such as chocolate, coffee, onion, garlic and tomatoes, because that may suffer from poisoning and other negative effects on your health.

And to consent to those faithful friends, you just need to give them food like tuna or moist foods for cats and so we will be offering a delicious feast for them.

1.-Toys and more toys
To pamper your cat the perfect way to do it is with toys, and that as hunters by nature, they need to download that energy. The best way is with mice in the form of plush toys, staves with stuffed animals, fun circuits, with sounds and in general with any plush toys.

2.-The best friend of cats scraper
If you have a cat and you want your furniture to remain intact, the best thing you can do is offer you a scraper. This object has more importance than we think. Cats as well as dogs develop long nails that help them hunt and climb, but unlike many species of animals, cats fail to wear claws when walking. It is why they need scraper, to embed the claws and can get rid of those old nails and thus be able to give way to growth of new claws.

If you don't have a scraper and your furniture is frayed already you know why, perhaps the scraper can be the best friend of your furniture and chairs.

II.- Vaccines to prevent infectious diseases
Vaccines not only protect your pets, but also to you, therefore, are advised to vaccinate your cat to avoid diseases that you can get your cat. For example: toxoplasmosis.

Well dear friends of steemit I hope you like my post and read more of what you share. .

Author: @karencarolina, student of veterinary medicine.

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