i dunno how many people heard him on palnet but @andrarchy only "talks" about his intentions of not wanting to split the community, but an announcement like this only points in that direction. keep in mind that justin "talks" about his intentions of not being interested in steem governance when his actions are completely the opposite. it seems like they have something in common where they seriously need to work on their "head of communications" skills.

I personally feel that we should take a breather and see how things could go right if it is possible, and not to jump into conclusion that this will end up a chain split.

yes. lemme just add that 8 people calling "a new blockchain" a benefit to steem is the quickest jump to a conclusion.

It is our plan to help Steem. Whatever technologies we develop will be open source and available to the Steem witnesses. The whole purpose of this communication is to inform Steemians of our project so that they can provide their feedback and ensure that our solution does benefit Steem. Thanks for sharing the fact that this was not clear.

could you pls stop saying that it's gonna benefit steemians? you don't own the community, so i dunno why you think you can decide that for every individual on this platform? what are the reasons that makes you 100% sure that it's not gonna harm them?

why not lay out your reasons and let people decide for themselves? you don't have to sugarcoat it with words like "improved decentralization" or "40 years of aggregate blockchain experience". people will do that for you if they believe in you.

you guys could've uploaded a recorded discussion on how this new blockchain is gonna benefit steemians and asked for community feedback, but instead you make an announcement like some politician telling everyone that it's somehow gonna be good for them while giving out no details whatsoever.

but ultimately it is a step away from Steem, right? Would you support a HF without the ninja mined stake?

I would. Yes

happy to hear!

This is like saying bitcoin developing a social site that everyone in crypto flocks to will benefit steem. They are two competing projects. Sure in a weird round about way, one could always copy the other, but at that point it may be too late to matter as one will win. There will always be winners and losers and you guys building something that gets right what steem got wrong hardly seems like a benefit to steem.

The most likely outcome?

If you are successful, your project does well and steem dies. And the reason you are pushing it here is you are trying to pull the community from here to your project. If not, why even announce it all?