Making a Person-Sized Difference

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I spend a great deal of time thinking about societal problems and how to solve them. Although there are great solutions out there, most of these will never be adopted for political or economic reasons. The companies and government agencies comprising the control regime don't want solutions. They want more control over average people. And average people themselves show little willingness to contribute time or energy to societal improvement efforts.

There's value in trying to envision a better world. Yet bringing such a vision to life is usually impossible on any kind of large scale. Realistically, the only difference most of us can make is person-sized. Solving the world's problems may be beyond us, but there are ways to meaningfully address these problems in the context of our everyday lives.

We can build and adopt alternatives to control regime systems. An alternative economy. Alternative online networks. Specialized alternative communities. And though we can't fight the control regime's power directly, we can avoid the regime's attention.

One clear path to societal improvement that could unfold one individual at a time is a restoration and expansion of the commons. Landowners can put land in trust for environmental reasons or host a Little Free Library. Sites like Shareable make useful information publicly available, contributing to our virtual commons. Time banks make a basket of services into an accessible community resource, which is as good as a commons though there's the expectation of reciprocation in the long term.

The control regime wants us atomized. The simple act of forming connections with other people thwarts this desire. The regime also wants us to be totally dependent on it. This desire can be thwarted by cultivating resilience in our lives.

There are also ways to reframe the entire situation that make the control regime less relevant. The people who make up the regime are small compared with humanity at large. And our species is small compared with the biosphere. All of the power the regime wields is merely a drop in the bucket of what is possible.

Since COVID, the control regime has been making increasingly desperate moves to spread propaganda and censor dissenting voices. The propaganda and censorship are evidence that the powers that be fear free and open public discourse. This points to the question of what exactly they're afraid of. What conversations are we being manipulated into not having?

Maybe these are the conversations we should start initiating. Personally, I've been talking more and more about the basic ideas of freedom and fairness. What would a free society look like? What would a fair economy look like?

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"The control regime wants us atomized. The simple act of forming connections with other people thwarts this desire. The regime also wants us to be totally dependent on it. This desire can be thwarted by cultivating resilience in our lives." This particular place is blessing me

Glad you resonate with this: )

It doesn't not take that much to make a difference as we always expect. In fact the change we always desire of should start from us. We should be the change


Do you see the control regime as a small collection of self-appointed elites or more as a defuse lattice of thoughts in a collective? I tend to see it as the latter. An "advertising/political power industrial complex" to borrow a term. Many marketers do their utmost to tear society and people's minds apart to sell them some dish detergent or whatever. And they don't seem to understand what they're a part of.

I see the control regime as a vast decentralized network of corporate and government decision makers + old money families. Totally agree that marketing people play a key role in getting us to advance regime agendas over our own interests.

I completely agree with your assertions in this article. We can only make person sized differences in a world besieged by problems. And the bright side of it is that our person sized contributions put together can actually change the world. Thanks for writing and have a nice day.

For sure. Thanks for reading!

Seeing how exhausted, tired, sick and lonely we are a society makes me sad. And even more sad is that so many of the millenial and younger generations want to contribute, but their focus is on issues that have been manipulated and twisted in order to keep us distracted from deeper issues shaping our oppressive economic systems.

Having tuned into your thinking and work now over the last few years, I totally see a positive feedback cycle of creating a system where people have actual time to do meaningful things for community (with free healthcare, guaranteed income, etc) --> people become satisfied, connected, and fulfilled because they're doing meaningful things --> successful local action attracts new energy and creates wide-scale systemic change. And then incredible things like The Butterfly Effect can propel us forward as a society in ways we couldn't imagine :)