Awakening Is Slow And Awkward In The Beginning

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And explosive towards the end.

Seemingly Unimportant Stuff

Let's talk a little about something seemingly unimportant. Some small topic good for nothing, but only for chit chatting.

Like two famous married people, fighting over who's the abuser. Let's say these two famous married people are called, arbitrarily, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Arbitrarily.

Their public display of intimate stuff was very popular for the last few months. Pretty much everyone knew about it.

She was accusing him of being abusive. He was saying this wasn't true. Even more, he said it was the other way around. They both brought up evidence. A jury analyzed it and it reached to a conclusion.

The verdict: Johnny Depp isn't guilty. There is some stuff he did too, as he still has to pay $2 million, whereas Amber has to pay $15 million.The bottom line here is he is not THE abuser.

The other part is. You see, I'm having trouble saying it even if I'm from the future. That's how powerful your current mob mentality is. Even someone who's from the future can't say directly: the woman was the abuser. Even if a jury already said it out loud.

Genderless Abuse

For many of you, this trial is really unimportant. Just two famous married people fighting over who's the abuser. Not the first, certainly not the last.

And yet, there is something extremely important in this small and awkward decision.

It's the public acknowledgement of the fact that abuse is genderless. After decades of "metoo" and cancel culture, a small and awkward verdict goes against what has become the dominant mob mentality.

No, just because you are a woman, that doesn't automatically give you the role - and social benefits - of the victim.

No, just because you're a man, that doesn't automatically make you an abuser - and intrinsically an outcast.

No, just because you are yelling: "I've been abused", you won't get immediate and unconditional support. You have to prove it. You have to bring in facts.

Your word isn't equal reality. Your word is just your word. Your opinion. Of course, you're entitled to it. Of course, a judicial system will still have to listen to this opinion of yours. But you won't get immediate reparation just because you have an opinion.


Like I said, this seem so weird to many of you, because for decades you've been living in a perverted reality. To be honest, you still live in it. That's why even the idea of an abusive woman still feels weird.

Reality is made by facts, not by opinions. A reality made by opinions is just a hallucination. It doesn't matter if it's collective, if it's shared, if it's collectively enforced or supported.

Because it's not based on facts, it will still be a hallucination.

A slow and awkward awakening just started. In the beginning, it's always slow and awkward.

Until it gets explosive.

We'll meet on the other side.


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