Who are the biggest sellers of SME while the market is down and further hurting the value

Who are the biggest sellers of SME while the market is down and further hurting the value of the coin by selling low? I did not include the AMM Bots or those trading it back and forth to increase their stake. In my opinion these users are extracting more value than they're adding. Do you want to support that?

Osmi, TheTyper, Roxycan, Pulubendugs, LJQuimpo, Yulimarchirino, tahirazaman, haseeb-asif-khan...

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Who are the biggest sellers of SME while the market is down and further hurting the value


I see my username on the buyers list

I will soon write why I decided to buy.

Stake, stake,stake… been staking for years.. Keeping the faith! Looking forward to tipping, and making it easy for the masses.

I've unstaked all of mine, but unfortunately I can only sell at a loss, because Chris is failing to do anything he promised. SoMee is a joke and only dwindling, not growing in any meaningful way. It's a bad investment to even post here, so you are just on hopium supplements with only placebo effects.

Well, tokens are trasfering from weak to strong hands!

ferris I would have less of a problem if these users were posting quality content, but they aren't. It's either just copy/paste they stole from elsewhere or just lazy posting that is of zero value to the success of the platform. Anyway, there is room for many different opinions on the subject. And you are right, it's early and what happens now might not matter later, but... it's always good to hold ppl accountable and even necessary when there are investors and those investors care. I'm an investor and have bought in. Not only that, I put in the effort to add value to the platform in content and effort while trying to help others and build community. Investors need to defend their investment and be active in the success of that investment. IMO

Possibly, but some is going to bots too and there are a few traders that have staked zero and aren't adding value either. The point remains though, do you want your vote earnings going to those only extracting value and detracting from your investment, while adding nothing or almost nothing to the success of the platform?

notconvinced I get your point and I use to think in the same terms, but now I don't really think it matters that much. Either this will be a huge success the buy pressure will be huge and they will hate the fact that they sold at this point or it will go to zero IMO. I don't really see a middle ground. So the price at this point doesn't mean much to me.

I just don't understand what's the point in selling for fractions of a penny, but to each their own I suppose.

a fraction of a penny goes a long way in some countries, but those people are just here to be parasites, because of that.

notconvinced that's true too. Good points

josephlizyness your votes are very limited here. I wouldn't upvote everything, because you'll run out quick and be stuck in the mud for days not being able to do much.

It would be worse if there was zero movement and everyone just held.

I don't think you understand how markets work. 'Everyone' would never just hold and there is some liquidity added from SoMee, so in your scenerio the value only go up, which is a good thing. Almost no one is buying right now, so there's no buy pressure, just sell pressure, which is at a standstill and that's what's bad!

i Don’t car about Somee anymore …its crap

A few of these virus sellers/buyers are still here and this is still true 4 months later. About to start calling them out as they don't do anything good for the platform and are hurting our growth by keeping SME price at low levels of a mockery. Meme coins with no use are 1000x or more what SME is in terms of valuation.

I used to care, but stopped after realizing christopherkramer.10 was relying on bringing in big names to onboard for him, rather than doing the necessary legwork needed to actually help any new network succeed. There are no buyers, which is why the #SME value is so low, not because of the sellers. There's a reason that users are willing to sell so low; that is because most African nations live off pennies a day and SME is actually worth something to them. Since SoMee has done little to bring investors/creators that are of real interest, the spammers will rule. It's Chris' fault and no one elses!

RoxyCantini nunca falta un chocón. Cómo decimos acá. Este diciendo que tú no aportas al proyecto, cuando eres un pilar para el.

Wow, this was posted six months ago. Time flys!!! SoMee has made great strides, but investment money seems to evade. I wonder what the plan is…. SMEB/SMEP nft sales? My guess, thumbs down on working with the US government. I also wonder what happened to GEM financial? Looking forward to some big news. :)

Still the same virus POS John M manipulating the price with low ball buys and sells slightly higher.

Now it came in my feed. 7months later. The value vaporized as with the ONG. Soon we will have 100% extra of the next token if we stay;)

Mackemacchiato Big package investments, 3-1 vaporized quickly. I thought it was a good risk at the time.

I liked the idea of micro loans. Thought they would encourage the masses to join SOMEE, financial incentive. Don’t know what happened to that plan. Cat had some good ideas, selling NFTs, and using SME. Apparently, his ideas did not take. Will there ever any be any value in SME? Hopefully Chris has something brewing.