Communism then and now ⭐️

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⭐️ When communism was being established in my fatherland just after the WW2 which divided Europe into west and east, the members of the communist party, the ass kissers, the corrupted greedy, power horny spineless demons went door to door and threatened people who were obligated to sign over all of their properties to the government. People were put on the streets, or got a small chamber in the attic of their villas and castles, or were imprisoned if they stood up against it. Everyone lost their companies, houses, cattle, land, and rights to free movement.
If someone tried or got over the borders to the west the whole family was followed, arrested, tortured, or sometimes even killed.
To get information about the members of opposing organizations they used torture techniques like squeezing the head with iron clamps so that people, men, and women, would give up names of the "traitors".
My grandmother, a young woman back then, was dating a judge who helped many people to get out of the country. He found out the police were watching him and decided they will leave too. But at the last minute, my grandma couldn't leave her parents, knowing she will never see them again.
They stayed. The same night he was arrested and killed in jail.
⭐️ My mum remembers the incoming Soviet tanks in 1968 when she was eighth years old. Standing on the streets, watching the military invasion because people started to protest this evil system after twenty long years. A whole generation of damage. She was hanging up posters with other kids.


A student had put himself on fire in Prague to protest against this red evil and awaken the people who were too afraid to do something, afraid to unite. All while everywhere were put the propaganda slogans "The power is in unity" next to the red star. People's houses were bugged. Making a joke about politics could cost someone their life. Needless to say that everything was censored.
Undercover police infiltrated everywhere.
Intellectuals were either killed, imprisoned, or put on assembly lines in factories.
Stupid obeying spineless idiots were given top positions in politics, military, and police.
Education for children of persona non grata was unavailable. My mum and her sister got to hear "daughters of... will never study" because my grandpa, a well-respected artist wasn't liked by the communist party for his non-compliance.

Every young man was obliged to go into 2 years of military training which had a killing rate of 2 % because they trained with a sharp munition.
My dad's cousin got killed when I was six. I still remember the impact on our family of losing such a beautiful and kind young man. For nothing.
⭐️ There was no toilet paper. We used newspapers (no good for anything else anyways).
There were no hygiene pads most of the time.
There was almost no meat. Unless you had friends in slaughterhouses who knew how to steal it.
The stores were almost empty and lucky were those whose parents lived in the country and had chickens for eggs, a pig and a goat or cow for milk and vegetables, and fruit gardens.
When the store got something like tangerines every family got a food stamp to buy one kilo and
then had to stand in line for about an hour.
When occasionally some kind of toilet paper came in, people rushed to inform their friends and everyone hurried to get in line.
There was no housing available. Young families lived in with their parents and grandparents sometimes in apartments as small as 2 bedrooms.
My aunt slept in the 3x4m kitchen next to the fridge for three years when I was born and my parents got one sleeping room while my grandma had a living room where she also taught piano and singing. These two rooms were approx 4x4m each.
Concrete flats were being built to get young workers into the cities and to depopulate natural areas and smaller villages. I remember one of my friends living with her parents and little sister in a one room apartment. Never having a piece of privacy.

⭐️ When people wanted to go for holidays to other east European countries, because we were not allowed into the capitalistic West, they and their cars were fully controlled at the borders when returning.
The lines were so long, that sometimes we had to wait 3 days at the borders to get back home. Sleeping in the car which then would be turned upside down to check if you didn't buy some forbidden stuff like a golden ring, necklace, earrings, clothing, or kitchenware. There were no public toilets anywhere. Not even at a gas station. And no money to check into a hotel or motel for the regular people.

⭐️ If you wanted to buy something extraordinary like jeans you had to have special, expensive tickets to go to a special store where you could buy things like kinder bueno or cheap fake caviar or brand sunglasses. The business on the streets for these tickets was good.
If you wanted an electrical frying pan you had to have friends in a kitchenware store who would sell it "under the counter". Only 3 pieces would arrive.

⭐️ Many songs and singing them, movies, books, theater were forbidden and many artists flee the country to fight for freedom on the other side. The only allowed stuff was the propaganda and soviet culture.
We've learned the Russian language and their poetry and songs at school. We had to perform at meetings of the communist party, nicely clothed in dark blue pants or skirts, light blue blouses, and a red shawl arranged around our neck in a specific way. Everything had to seem perfect and the kids were being brainwashed with ideas like Russian is the world language. Obviously, learning English or German was forbidden. No one even thought of any other languages. Our world was Soviet, even though we were still a so-called sovereign country with our own president. Who was just a puppet, just a photo to put on the walls of classes and offices. To worship as some kind of a hero.


⭐️ While all of this was going on for forty years the "right" people were getting richer and more powerful. The economically developed rich and unbelievably cultural country full of smart talented people was now economically broken and lost her colors. All houses became grey and dirty, all art and riches were confiscated and the castles destroyed. Some were used to farm pigs and house military.
Nature was being damaged and sprayed with poisonous chemicals.
Everyone lived in fear and dissatisfaction. But no one could do anything else, just keep their head down, do their time in their jobs, and shut up.
Jobs were fabricated too, so the propaganda of 0 % unemployment could be sold by pointing fingers at the capitalistic West. My mum was often home at noon but her boss signed the paper till four. There was control over everything.
First May, the day of labor, everyone had to participate in a mandatory festival and wave little flags when the propaganda parade was passing. The bosses had to register all names of the employees. Sanctions would be put on those who didn’t show up.


⭐️ The only seemingly good thing I can remember from his time was the support for the families.
Cheap loan to get furniture for young couples.
It was normal for mums to stay at home with kids until they reached the age of 4. There was a paid leave and the job had to be kept open for them if they wanted to return after. Fathers, on the other hand, were sneakily separated from their wives and kids. They were never a part of upbringing unless the kid needed to be beaten. Which was in many cases on a daily base.
No one cared.
I had a friend in school, his dad threw him from the stairs when he was eight. Another neighbor was beating his pregnant wife, their kid was born damaged. These things were so normal, there was nowhere to go. Just another way to separate men and women, weaken society and brainwash the kids. Fathers in the pub getting drunk, wives alone with children.
Yet the posters on the streets next to the pictures of Lenin were announcing:
“The family is a cornerstone of society.”
The family drama was huge but hidden, just like the illegal prostitution, yet the elite guys had their spots and girls. Even underaged.
The gypsy mob was, and still is the most powerful in Prague, all mobs answer to them.
These are super rich people who arrange parties in castles and movies with kids for the elite.
Then and now. Nothing changed.

⭐️ Medical care was bad, but in my experience still way better than today in the Netherlands.
If you had friends in the right places, you could get anything done.
Everything was from everyone, the propaganda stated, and so everything got stolen.
If one day materials were delivered to the construction site, the next morning everything was gone.
People couldn't buy much, so they took the “everything is for everyone” quite literally. My mum always dreamt of having a nice apartment and so after many years of putting up with ugly cheap vinyl in our hall, new tiles were laid by my dad, meant for a peasant tunnel which was just built a few blocks from us.


⭐️ Then the Berlin wall was taken down.
Along came Soros and the Czech velvet revolution started after thousands of people were beaten at the Wenceslas Square in Prague. They were chased there and the streets leading out were blocked by police with weapons and water cannons. People, mostly students and artists, were sitting on the ground with hands up shouting "Our hands are empty" to show they have no guns and intended no violence. That night many disappeared, and many were killed. It was November the 17th 1989.


After 40 years of suppression and invasion of a dictatorial evil regime, we finally got the feeling we could live free. Democracy, the illusion of it, got established.
Our country got sold to the greedy monster from the West.

⭐️Today, we are looking at a very similar situation.
Today people are being manipulated by fear-mongering propaganda.
Today people are being threatened and violated by police, aggressively beaten, and harmed.
Today families are being torn apart.
Today people are being imprisoned in their houses or quarantine facilities.
Today people are being threatened to take a kill shot or be excluded from life. From buying food even.
Today the rights, even the basic rights, are being violated and taken away by spineless, greedy, power-horny, perverted demons. These are getting richer, they don't lose their properties while the non elite people are losing everything.
Now they are gaining even more for just a fraction of the price or for free even by simply stealing it.
The evil's handlers can travel around the world, enjoy luxury, healthy food, and company while our parents and grandparents are being euthanized in senior homes behind the locked door so we don't see the murderers in action.
These evil beings are getting the best healthcare while we aren't allowed to see a doctor or get life-saving treatment.
Their children go to prominent schools while our children's rights to education, to read and write, are being spat on.
They breathe freely while all of us are obliged to suffocate and suffocate our children.
Obliged to damage our own children and babies by useless money-making tests and poisonous jabs.
“Kill your child or go to prison.”
All in the name of an unseen enemy.
Which makes it so much worse than the Soviet dictatorship because back then everyone knew who the enemies were.
But now half of the people will point their fingers at the other ”you want to kill me” half for not wearing these symbols of "shut up and obey". Even families turning on each other as enemies.
The real enemy is hidden, as always, behind the curtains. Smoking cigars, drinking expensive whisky, and raping children. And the dogs are fighting over a bare bone.

⭐️ We, as a collective co-create our reality. If one half creates this hell by ignorance and obedience, the other half is weakened. We are as strong as the weakest part of the chain. We must unite now, no matter the differences.
It's not true that we are powerless.
That we must obey these war criminals and do as they say. It's not true that we can't change this situation. It's not true we have no right to live. We do. Our life is a divine gift. Not permission from some corrupted politician. We are sovereign human beings from flesh and blood, not their made-up strawman. Not their "legal" entity they can use, abuse, and push around for their profits.
Not one fine is legal. You are free to live where and how you choose and to have whatever you want.
⭐️ JUST DO NO HARM. This is common law. It's the only law to live by. Take responsibility for your life and the lives of your children. Don't teach them to obey, they will grow up into "just doing their job" zombies. Don't let your children become fearful spineless corrupt beings. If they can't go to school, educate them. Teach them. Love. Compassion. Inner power. Integrity. Care for others. Protecting the weak. Protecting the animals. Eating healthy. Listening to healthy music. Get them out of the claws of this perverse red evil that is trying to abuse and sicken their minds with perverse porn and violence. Leave the cities, get land. Find people to connect with and co-create. Do something loving and beautiful. Even a small stone creates ripples when thrown into the water.
Open your heart to Love. You don't need to be perfect. Just do it, every single day, no matter what. Those who Love from the Soul can't be harmed. Because the only real pain is when we disconnect from our Highest Being. And that's the one thing evil underestimates, our ability to love and feel for each other. It doesn't know what Love and devotion are. These are our superpowers.
These are our tools to win every fucking war. Even the fake one they are pushing into our throats right now.
So go, take this loving sword, behead the monsters inside and watch them disappear from our beautiful world. The Garden of Eden is where we set our feet when we walk the path of Love.

~Nika ⭐️

⭐️Pictures used are downloaded from public pages on, zoom magazine, and Post Bellum

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Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece. People are not recognising the communist propaganda in front of their faces. They have too much to lose, their fancy houses or cars. Better not rock the boat and just do as we are told.

See? We all end up finding each other. Not surprised you found Nika :)

Thank you for some incredible insights into the Czech Republic under Soviet control.

Communism, socialism and capitalism are words and ideals we seem to use these days to prove a point depending on which one we've decided to see as evil. Yet when it comes down to it, neither one is an evil concept, it's how it's used by those in power that causes harm. Every ideal is corruptible, some just more easily and quickly than others. We are currently living in times where every one of the systems built on these ideals has been corrupted to the point of tyranny. Ironically many will protect the ideal they've chosen to the bitter end without being able to acknowledge that it has reached the point of corruption.

Jobs were fabricated too, so the propaganda of 0 % unemployment could be sold by pointing fingers at the capitalistic West.

I am wondering if the supporters of communism choose to believe these sales pitches, while those against choose to see only the atrocities done to the people. Just as many would do the same looking from the outside in at capitalist America. The US has just as much of a facade as any other country. The outside world sees prosperity, while many Americans struggle.

...and thus we continue to help our governors to keep us in line by turning against one another according to what we have chosen to believe.

Fully agree with you. It’s not the ideology that is wrong, it’s the abuse and perversion of it. Just like it’s not the weapon what kills but the one using it. Nothing is really good or bad until we make a choice how we’ll use it. To me, intention is everything. 🙏❤️

Today people are being manipulated by fear-mongering propaganda.

The thing about propaganda is that many think they're too smart to fall for it. We need to always be aware and it's annoying when you find people around you not only falling for it but actually attack you online for pointing something out.

I was surprised by the "now" section. I expected something China or Russia-related, but no. Of the old type of communism I already knew too well, fell in our country a month after yours. On the "new" counterpoint, I agree with what you said. I don't think it's about a particular doctrine, but it seems way more dangerous, manipulative and faceless, as you remarked.

This is definitely similar to todays world. Hopefully the results are not the same. Thanks for sharing.

I wish this article would be read by ignorant Americans who think communism is trendy, progressive, or even moral. Communism has never brought anything but misery to any society. Pray God will crush the demon of communism before another generation suffers as you did in Europe during the Cold War (which was a real war for those of you behind the Iron Curtain.)

The problem is that many see socialism as the savior, when in reality, socialism (the way it will be) is nothing more than communism in a spruced up jacket. Democracy is another illusion many people fall for. There's no such thing. American (and many other) presidents aren't elected by the public, they're SELECTED by the powerful. Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump, Biden. All the same cloth, just different faces, one worse than the other or the same. And the same goes for governments world wide. All of them puppets to the system. Those who aren't, coincidentally die...

Reading your post reminds me of a popular saying by French writer, Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr who said, "The more things change, the more they remain the same." Though on different terms, Ludwig von Mises, an Austrian economist said the same thing about the forces behind totalitarianism. Though the historical names were buried as villains such as communism, fascism, Nazism, and the like, the spirits behind these ideologies are still very much active and they are now being revived under a more attractive name.

Thanks by the way for the indirect gift. By clicking your email on ListNerds, I received another random reward. 😂

Blessings! Meaning, I am wishing that more CTP and LISTNERDS will come your way!

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I don't really think communism is the solution but I think things are just way too tribal right now. Most of them aren't even listening to reason and they think the government giving out money is the solution.

"Our life is a divine gift. Not permission from some corrupted politician. We are sovereign human beings from flesh and blood..."

In this context I cannot recall ever reading more powerful truth. It has long been my own mantra which I support by advocating adoption of decentralized means of production, and defend by living unapologetically by my own free will. Today too many of us are blinkered by our indoctrination from birth and constant bombardment with propaganda, to our great detriment and eventual existential harm. I am confident we both hope that your post enables some who read it to snap out of their trance, to discover they are free and sovereign, and to undertake to fill out their person and life fully, that they might pay forward their blessed sovereignty to their happy posterity.

I will add that our exigency is urgent today. We are beset by fiends bent on genocide, casually subjecting us as they may to medical experimentation and genetic alteration, the horrors of war, penury, and openly plotting famine to come in but a few short weeks or months. Secure to you and yours the necessities of life, by your hands or hands you can trust with your life, and do not neglect security from violence. First, grow food. If you must, because you have no land to garden, use pots, get a fishtank, some LED strips, and grow greens on racks with nutrients from the fish or shellfish in the tank.

We will be free, but we will first prevail over worse tyranny than has ever been seen in history.