beautiful stuff. let's all go to mars one day with our cryptos.

That's not the Space X launch, that's Steemit headed to the Moon!


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I live near Cape Canaveral so we get to see some of Musk's shots too.

That was some sensational video. Like @acidyo said, I thought it was a whale being shot into the sky.

Thought you put up some trick video @etherpunk.

Thanks for sharing that beautiful display. Ole Elon is really doing some incredible stuff.

I'm rather curious about the reasons why the rocket created this shape in the sky.

What difference in the fuel/physics/material or even speed might have created this shape?

My son explained it. The narrow plume was the first stage rocket. Space x has a recoverable 1st stage rocket piece that navigates its way to chosen splash down location, hence the spiral light and shiny inner object. The balloon plume is because the second stage rocket is designed for outside Earth's atmosphere. Whew, so lucky to have my inhouse expert!

Ps he is adding: the smoke rings were from cold gas maneuvering thrusters.

The launch happened right after sunset, but the rocket has to go up many kilometers. So when we were seeing this, the rocket was in sunlight but the ground was in the dark. This meant that the sun was illuminating the giant gas cloud of exhaust coming out of the back of the rocket.

It was incredible seeing it. I had forgot about this launch and was driving west from east San Diego. Turned a corner and saw this incredibly strange glowing line in the sky. It took me a bit to realize what it was, then I got to watch the landing!


Cool footage @kevinwong!

This reminds of this footage from 2013 that closed the Xiaoshan Airport in China.

It closed the airport. So nobody knew what it was? amazing!

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I was watching it yesterday at the news. I figured by the video that this was some kind of a failure. You can see the explosions taking place at the tail.
really awesome stuff.


My good friend sent this to me right earlier today. :) It must be really beautiful irl.

That's just too cool! If the context wasn't framed for me, I'd swear it was some special effect in a sci-fi movie!

On the other hand...I look forward to the day when seeing scenes like this are just the norm, like we currently view an airplane flying overhead.

Lol that'll be fantastic indeed :)

Hehe, from this perspective it looks like a tiny whale getting bigger. :D

Haha tadpole into whale.. oh wait!

That is what I thought it was at first. I was thinking is this a trick video?

It looked like a whale being shot into the sky.

One year snap shot of your statistics on steemit on a live demo rocket launch ;D

elon musk nailed that one in the tweet hahah but definitely it was interesting to check out :D
I wish you a very Merry Christmas :D

that's so beautiful man!! I remember years ago my brother saw something like this and he was describing it for me, thanks for capturing this moment, I could imagine it and well I just saw it now :)))

Oh lol :O This is honestly something to look at rly. Hopefully one day these rockets can replace the current planes and we can just watch this stuff from the windows ^^

Thanks for the eye candy :) Takes some stress off when you just gaze at it haha

Looks like a Cosmic Whale...

or Suì-Fēng's Jakuhō Raikōben blasting thru space. ;)

Oh, I thought it was Stellar Lumens' rocket ship coming back to Earth.

I watched it live online. They were putting like 10 satalites up there right?

It looks like a freakin' alien space craft, I wonder why it left that blue cloud behind it. The Falcon heavy should be even more spectacular

Falcon 9 rocket!

Is this Nasa's space X....? this is amazing.. blue light s... its like sci - fiction movies

The future is here

What was that?
Thier Rocket or Satellite?
It looks Really Cool.

Very wonderful of stuff...
Good job and good videos...
Success is always for you @etherpunk....

It's a falcon, Richard.

Falcon 9 rocket launch is real beautiful stuff like as alien missile. Is was fire...

Just awesome!!! Falcon whale goes moon with cryptos. Lol..

Oh My GOD! It's so beautiful by look and appearance. Thanks for sharing this rocket with us. :)

So beautiful nature ...
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wow that footage damm looks so incredible what a beautiful thing but its a rocket launch

wow I saw it in my friend's instagram story..that was amazing we thought its an alien

The people just freaked out at that yesterday hahah couldn't even describe in comment lol :) thanks for sharing the video footage !
have a wonderful, magical and loving Christmas!

Wow, this was so cool. I hope we will soon get to the Mars

Vidio yang sangat bagus

So awesome view :)