Important Changes to Spaminator

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This morning the official Steemit Inc delegation to Spaminator was removed. That left Spaminator powerless. The scammers and exploiters rejoiced.

But alas, the joy of the scammers was short lived. I would like to apologize to all scammers for cutting their vacation short.

Important Changes

We will keep this brief and to the point.

  • The Spaminator Bot (the program that operates the downvote function) is now back and will be issuing downvotes with @theycallmedan's account. A great big thanks to @theycallmedan for coming forward and first delegating 100k SP to @steemcleaners, and then offering his own account to be hooked up to the bot.

  • @Spaminator the account will replace the function of @mack-bot, issuing short warning downvotes. It will still try to curate as per our previous post. We'll work on the scope as a community at a later date.

Have a great Sunday.


Thanks Dan!

I also think some kind of token that you would give out to people delegating SP would make @spaminator even stronger. Later on maybe those tokens could be used in exchange for upvotes or something like that?

Fight spam, get rewarded.

That's the model @steemflagrewards is currently using. So, it's ready to go if SC wants to adopt it.

Hats off Dan. More or less same amount of Steem Power

I would like to apologize to all scammers for cutting their vacation short.

That was quite a line. Scammers should be like: "ffs, give us a break...will ya?"

I did think that you were doing a good job but now I see that you can get stuff very wrong it's a real shame 😂 please fix my account you know I share my own original content so and everyone else does and I can't believe that you blacklisted my other account @kgakakillerg when I did not even reply once to @hivewatcher who now spams my posts with the same comment over and over again say a load of bs (may 2 2020)

@spaminator, please excuse me, I couldn't answer you in discord, it doesn't work for me. I can only write to you here. I agree that your work against real scammers is very important to the Steemit community. But there are real bloggers on your blacklist who don't write spam. Maybe you could, for example, go to my blog and read all my posts, analyze them and monitor them? I don't write spam. All my posts are original, where I post my own photos. I invest in Steemit, buy coins in sports. Usually spammers do not invest anything, they only get it. Please be fair to me. Please help me. I hope for your attention to me and hope for your help. Thanks.

Dan to the rescue :)

Hmmmmnnnnnn……… Very interesting dear Watson... :>)
The battle continues...

Dan the Man comes through!

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Thanks to all who collectively keep spam off. Well done!

That's very good news, because I thought that was what the answer would be! Thanks @theycallmedan!

Glad to see the scammers will still be thwarted. I was wondering how that was going to be accomplished! Thanks @theycallmedan for stepping in to fill the void!

Glad to know that you will be here as you are important for the platform to save it from scammers. #steem on

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Powering down and not going to use Steen any more been here for a long time.. the down vote button is being abused by many large and small and it is causing problems that are not being addressed .. and will not be addressed.. the sign up is still rediculessly long .. and the search feature still sucks .. well have fun everyone ..

That is way we call him dan one of the great Steemian I have ever seen on this platform. He is do great to save us


Congratulations @spaminator!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 4 with $ 51,22

I don't understand why my account is being marked as spammers last time I check we can always reference the source of a plagiarized content which I do often and I haven't been active for some time, so it's kinda surprising to see my account on spam list please remove my account Asap

Thanks to Mr Dan for the great kind heart to support this great community. Fight on @spaminator

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Can we deligate HP or SP for that cause? if yes how. maybe a post about that would come in handy.

Hey, you guys have a discord server?

Please take my accounts off your blacklist I will not respond to hivewatcher no more as you can see I've been doing I'm just going to continue to share my original stay safe 🤝

hi there. i host a guess the shadow contest in the shadow hunters community and there i noticed that you gave a downvote to one of the comments from nwagod4. i joined hive in december and am still learning a lot about how everything functions. could you please explain the reason for downvoting and anything else you think i should know as a contest host. many thanks

Hello, good morning, I wanted to know why you are voting me negatively and taking my earnings from my posts, since I am publishing with photos of me and the words are also mine.

Hi @spaminator this is my post for the umpteenth are really bad..your bot is very problematic. You can't be fair...In my post you say spam? wait..that's my original accuse someone else of being a fraud..? even though you're the one who's a swindler... Only with 100K SP delegated directly to be a bot...? and checking manually you think it's spam and plagiarism..?hey..where is your conscience. that photo that I posted along with the writing is the original.
Your bot is very are a cheater @spaminator

Hey you @spaminator, human or robot, or whatever, what have you done to my account, try to show me where I was wrong.

U fkers destroyed Steemit and now u r fking this network also. I don't know when the people will realize that u guys are actually the problem. Instead of blocking you, people let u have the power and delegate you and give you the authority for blacklisting anyone. You, who might be spending his time in gutter is kind of a moderator in here without any investigation.

All you are good at is to manipulate some fools who then delegate you HP and u then start you job, of fking the network, as you did to steemit and now here. May you soul ROT IN HELL......

Test Post : Please Removed My ""Exstyle" Account Blacklisted
Respected Sir / Madam,
Please Removed My ""Exstyle" Account Blacklisted

Credit To : @spaminator
Credit To : @redeemer

Hello 🤚🏾 please take me off your list as I've done nothing wrong with this account I was just trying to appeal my case with my other account @kggymlife

Why do you keep downvoting my content?

Can you give an explanation to this?

How can I remove the downvote?

Hi @spaminator @spaminator, could you please look into my account. I am still getting down votes due to a post done months back. It hasn't repeated. In fact anything I do is getting down votes. Could please action and stop this?

If you've stopped then that's fine, your blacklist is lifted. The list will update in a few mins. (edit: it's done now)


Are you still comment farming? Please stop.