Los colores del otoño / The colors of autumn

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Hola , espero que esten bien , ayer compartí un post sobre el otoño , y quería compartir otras imágenes muy agradables para la vista en cómo el otoño se presenta en otras partes del mundo, espero que les guste.

Hello, I hope you are well, yesterday I shared a post about autumn, and I wanted to share other images very pleasing to the eye on how autumn is presented in other parts of the world, I hope you like it.






Bueno espero que les haya gustado y me gustaria saber cual de las fotos le pareció más linda. Espero sus respuestas.

Well I hope you liked it and I would like to know which of the photos you found the most beautiful. I await your responses.


I wish I could step out and see trees this colorful and beautiful, I want to travel even more badly now!

The day will come when we can go out and enjoy things as simple as these. Before we did not realize all the beautiful and free nature offers us, it is more sometimes and we do not take care of it.

Beautiful colors.

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