Why use a toothbrush?

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Why is it important to brush your teeth?

Caries disease is not the only one that can appear in the mouth, there is also Gingivoperiodontal disease.
This includes gingivitis and periodontitis and like caries it is developed by poor oral hygiene.

But why?

Well, I know given that the mouth is the dirtiest part of the body, and so it is that multiple microorganisms inhabit which are under good hygiene conditions are beneficial.
But what happens when the toothbrush is not part of our daily life?
The bacteria begin to multiply and form a kind of gel or matrix that allows it to clump together with the rest and stick to the tooth. Thus, what is known as BIOFILM is formed. This biofilm groups and protects bacteria and is so attached to the tooth that it is impossible to remove it with mouthwash, medication or whatever. The only way to remove it is by mechanical sweeping, that is, brushing.

As the days pass, this biofilm begins to grow and begins to accumulate within the gum as well (there are two types of gum, one attached and one free. The biofilm accumulates in the free). This favors the development of more harmful bacteria that are detected by defensive cells that begin to develop symptoms such as: gum inflammation (inflammation is a defense mechanism that our body has in the presence of a foreign body).