Very nice to see all of the hard work of you and your cast "come to life" @leveuf! From what you write, it appears you had an enthusiastic response from the audience!

I was sure impressed with the effort you put into this post, my friend. 😊 The sliding pictures in photo galleries!? Wow, clever trick. 👍 Is that made possible using SteemPress? Or some other tech trick? I don't recall seeing that in a Steem post, before this one.

I hope your efforts here on this post draw the support you've earned. And I hope the play continues to do well there in Mérida, for as long as you keep "Two of Three Falls" going!

Thank you very much for visiting this theater premier dear @Roleerob!! It was a wonderful night and with good energy for everyone. There was lots of fun for the audience, the actors, the technicians, the producer and for myself. We receive good comments and reaction in the dialogue at the end of the show. Thanks for your great support for this journey I'm glad you've enjoyed through this post.
The photo gallery was created using this html tag

<pre><img src="image1 url"> <img src="image2 url"> ... </pre>

You can use it for text too:

Thank you very much for visiting this theater premier dear @Roleerob!! It was a wonderful night and with good energy for everyone.
There was lots of fun for the audience, the actors, the technicians, the producer and for myself. 
We receive good comments and reaction in the dialogue at the end of the show.
Thanks for your great support for this journey I'm glad you've enjoyed through this post.

I think I see the text use first and later that on the images. As an advice I can tell you that when you see something interesting on a post you can check how it was made just changing the url of the post, from steemit or steempeak or any frontend to, this post for example looks like this

I send you big hugs dear Friend and my best wishes for you and yours! May your plans and projects reach their goals with good winds!! Have an excellent new day dear @Roleerob!!

My pleasure @leveuf to "celebrate success" with others and see you doing well!

And thank you for the excellent "tech tip" on how to create a scrolling section in our posts and how to use steemd to examine the html of any post of interest to any of us. Learned something!! 👍 Who says you can't teach an "old dog new tricks?" 😉

Have a wonderfully constructive and productive new day my friend!

P.S. Here is a link to an old "HTML Whitelist" post, which was invaluable to me months ago ... I see the <'pre> tag is in there! Does your use of SteemPress provide you this functionality without needing to learn the HTML code? That is does it "hide" all of this complexity from you?

I'm so happy that this post was useful for you to learn something new. I'm sure that you are always looking forward to know more. It can't be said the same for some young people indeed. It's just a little bit for the much that you've shown me and made me part of it!!

The steempress plugin is a crosspost functionality in the Wordpress blogs, but not all the options and plugins for wordpress can be used in steem posts, some of those even can create problems with your publications. For example there is an editor in wordpress called Gutemberg, the best of Wordpress I think, very intuitive, but is strongly recommended to not use it to publish with steempress. The best is to edit your WP post after is being published in steem!! I've been slowly learning about html since I suscribed on an old social network that you probably heard "MySpace", it was the first "Faceebook" but you require some html skills to pimp your posts and comments. Then I tried Blogspot and even Worpress some years ago, but the plugins in these platforms allows you to use them without using codes.

I met the markdown here in steemit, it seemed to me awesome for its simplicity but I was having problems with one thing, the justify alignment of the text. There's where my search began. Gradually I leave the markdown tags for the html subset to work without problems, sometimes they don't combine well. I think this post you share with me is the most complete I've seen until now about the html in steem, there's a lot of tools I didn't know. I've bookmarked it now!! :)

I send you big hugs, happy to discover new things with you!! Receive many blessings for the new day. Much Love, Joy and Light for you and your loved ones Dear Friend!! I'll see you here or there!! 🤗

Very nice

Thank you very much for your visit @Brittandjosie!! It's really nice to see you here with these wrestlers and champions!! ;) I'm glad you've enjoyed!!
I send hugs and my best regards for you and every project on the way!!

Enormemente agradecido por la visita a esta presentación teatral que resultó en la diversión de cada participante y espectador!! Es siempre una gran alegría contar con la valoración, tremendo apoyo y la gran sonrisa de @Sancho.Panza!! :)
Van los mejores desos y Buenos Vientos para todos en el Equipo @Cervantes!!

Many years ago, I was involved in theater - first in high school, then through a community theater group. I know how much work goes into a production like this, and it looks like you all did an amazing job! I bet your performances last night and tonight will be smashing successes! Thanks for sharing such detailed information and so many photos - I felt like I had a front row seat! From one theater geek to another - break a leg!

Oh, it's a great pleasure to meet you @TraciYork, and to know that you share the love for this ancient and complex art but at the same time so related to our day by day. This project has brought us a lot of satisfactions and the journey is just beginning. Thank you very much for your company in this premiere, of course we will reserve a first row seat for you for future presentations and projects!! :)
I love the "break a leg", we also combine that with lots of "mierda" here!! :D
Send you big hugs and the best vibes for projects and life!!

P.S. You received a downvote that I've tried to counter, please feel free to vote your comment too if you want. I'm sure is retaliation for your efforts for the quality in this blockchain!!

Thanks so much, @leveu, and wonderful to make your acquaintance as well! It's always cool to bump into other theatre people, and I much appreciate the front row seat reservation, and the awesome vibes! 😂 😊

Also appreciate your effort to counteract that downvote - not exactly sure why it happened , but I do have my suspicions. However, your kindness in return totally makes up for it! 🤗

Hope you've had a fantabulous weekend!

I suppose is part of the new changes in the platform which implies other form of interaction. I hope a balance will come soon. 🙏
More hugs and best regards, @TraciYork!

!giphy thank+you

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Me alegra que todo ese esfuerzo y dedicación haya rendido sus frutos. Este será el comienzo del éxito total y rotundo. Excelente organización, cuando se quiere, se puede. Saludos amigo, me animó mucho leerte.

Muchas Gracias por tu visita a esta primera función Querida Amiga!! :) Tus buenas vibras llegan fuertes y ten por seguro que se extienden para todos en el reparto y equipo de este proyecto. Me da mucho gusto que la publicación te haya alegrado el día y la emoción de esta obra haya llegado hasta allá a través de este relato e imagenes de nuestro estreno. Seguro que sí, todavía viene lo más bueno!!
Te mando muchos abrazos, bendiciones y los Buenos Vientos para cada día!!

Wow, que pedazo de post paisano. Y el mejor de los éxitos con el bebé... digo, el proyecto!

Muchísimas gracias por ese aliento y buenas vibras para el bebé!! Tú fuiste, por decirlo así, testigo de esta gestación!! ;) Por supuesto que estás invitado a este par de funciones que vienen el viernes y sábado en el Olimpo!! En noviembre estaremos unos día en Casa Tanicho, en donde fue esta función!! Avísame cualquier cosa!! :)
Van abrazos y los mejores vientos para ti @BonzoPoe, por acá o por allá nos seguimos viendo!!

Hola @leveuf. Me parece interesante la obra pero más interesante me pareció el hecho de que hicieran una prueba de público fuera del escenario del teatro. Muy bien.

Muchas gracias por la visita y alentador comentario, @Antoniarhuiz. Dos cosas se ganaron gracias a esta función previa. Por un lado soltar los nervios y por otro como bien dices, probar un espacio alternativo. Siempre es bueno para una producción poder adaptarse a la mayor cantidad de espacios, sean o no teatrales!
¡Van muchos abrazos y desde aquí muy buenos deseos para todo lo importante!

Excellent job! I see a lot of hard work was required here!

Thank you very much for joining to this theater premiere @CindyHartz!! It was a lot of work but also lot of fun with the creation of these great characters and their story!! :)
I send you a big hug and my best wishes for every important matter!!

Thank you! That is so sweet!

Posted using Partiko iOS

More hugs and good vibes for you @CindyHartz!! 🤗

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Thank you very much for this great support and honor to be featured on your community. It's a great excitement and encouragement for the good work!!
The bes vibes for all the team in @C-Squared!!


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Muy agradecido por esta valoración y apoyo a la crónica de un proyecto largamente y con amor gestado. Se extiende hasta aquí la alegría del estreno!! Lo mejor para todos en el Equipo de @La-Colmena y también para @Curie en su apoyo a la comunidad hispana!!


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Muchísimas gracias por su visita y apoyo!! Es un gusto conocerlos y recibir este aliento para el trabajo. Desde aquí van los mejores deseos para todos en el proyecto @Entropia!!

Muchísimas gracias por su visita por estos andares del teatro. Emociona su apoyo y valoración de esta publicación, también es gran aliento para seguir cultivando y creciendo!! Van los Mejores Vientos para los @AngelesdeSteemit!!

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Muy agradecido por el apoyo y valoración para esta publicación!! Mi agradecimiento y admiración se extiende para toda esta gran iniciativa en apoyo a la comunidad de habla hispana!!

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Thanks a lot!!
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The best vibes for the all the Team!!

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Thank you very much for the info, and the best vibes for your gret work!!
Have lots of fun during SteemFest4!! 🤗 🙂