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Many years ago, I was involved in theater - first in high school, then through a community theater group. I know how much work goes into a production like this, and it looks like you all did an amazing job! I bet your performances last night and tonight will be smashing successes! Thanks for sharing such detailed information and so many photos - I felt like I had a front row seat! From one theater geek to another - break a leg!


Oh, it's a great pleasure to meet you @TraciYork, and to know that you share the love for this ancient and complex art but at the same time so related to our day by day. This project has brought us a lot of satisfactions and the journey is just beginning. Thank you very much for your company in this premiere, of course we will reserve a first row seat for you for future presentations and projects!! :)
I love the "break a leg", we also combine that with lots of "mierda" here!! :D
Send you big hugs and the best vibes for projects and life!!

P.S. You received a downvote that I've tried to counter, please feel free to vote your comment too if you want. I'm sure is retaliation for your efforts for the quality in this blockchain!!

Thanks so much, @leveu, and wonderful to make your acquaintance as well! It's always cool to bump into other theatre people, and I much appreciate the front row seat reservation, and the awesome vibes! 😂 😊

Also appreciate your effort to counteract that downvote - not exactly sure why it happened , but I do have my suspicions. However, your kindness in return totally makes up for it! 🤗

Hope you've had a fantabulous weekend!

I suppose is part of the new changes in the platform which implies other form of interaction. I hope a balance will come soon. 🙏
More hugs and best regards, @TraciYork!

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