Welcome to SPEEDVOTER (BETA) - The Fastest UPVOTE BID BOT on STEEM! Developed & Managed by the @Booster team!

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From the @Booster team, here is @SpeedVoter, a superfast upvote-bot Loaded with 65 Million VESTS, Upvote-Windows are 240 Seconds! The idea behind this bot is to use it when your post is super-fresh, give you the pre-boost from the getgo!


  • Send for example 0.1 SBD to @speedvoter with LINK TO YOUR POST IN THE MEMO and you will receive upvote within just 4 minutes!
  • Just like @Booster, you compete for position against other users.
  • Just like @Booster, it will refund you if it cannot upvote you

We have 24/7 Support for both @SpeedVoter & @Booster at http://STEEMspeak.com - If you encounter any problems, let us know.

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I used 0.5 sbd bid but did not get upvote nor refund. Please check it @speedvoter and @booster

How much sbd needed to send to @speedvooter to get upvotes???

I sent 1 sbd got an upvote of .03

I sent 0.5 and almost got as much with 0.1... Lol

Well hope that upvote helps.

Thank you, it really does!

same to you

Great stuff
@greatvideos here
I plan to use your services for the @achainblockchain account I manage,, I will definitely give it a try later today when I post
Followed and Resteemed

Have fun with it, if you have any problems, contact me or @inertia at http://STEEMspeak.com 24/7 Live Discord.


Thanks @fyrstikken

Help work

Thank you very much
I much appreciate your help and support
I know you are one of the greatest Steemians around,, I will promote your services to others too!

This is so great! You got the great point here......

Hi @ fyrstikken . I tried to get in http://STEEMspeak.com but I don't answer. I made a mistake and sent coins instead of bitrix to booster. Please return.

Oh nice it is...thank you soo much....


I mis-transfer to @speedvoter. I want to transfer 0.07 but I transfer 7,640 SBD

how can i contact @speedvoter?

I'm a new user in steemit. and that's my first SBD I got for 2 months.



I think you can get back your SBD in terms of upvote via speetvoter...so just keep calm..all will well


I will try it.... same to you...

Hey i got pretty much scammed from @speedvoter but shit happens, good luck!

hey hey, strong words - remember that SpeedVoter is significantly different then booster, you just need to adjust your bids. Check the SpeedVoter wallet or https://steemd.com/@speedvoter

Giving you an upvote for beta-testing with us. But please do not use words like scam just because you are emotionally disturbed. ;)

No reason for anger.

I’m emotionally disturbed! Can I get an upvote? 🤣

Okay thanks!

people sent 1 sbd and get 0.26 $ upvote is this justice?

Justice has nothing to do with it. Bid bots divide the total vote in a way that's proportional to the bid (i.e. if your bid represents 10% of the total bids, you will receive a 10% vote). There's no guarantee that the vote will be worth more than what you pay.

For example, lets say bid bot X have a total vote power worth $8.00. If 10 people each pay 1 SBD for a vote, then the vote will be divided evenly between all 10 of them, amounting to 0.8 SBD (everyone gets less than what they paid).

It's not a scam and it's not a bug. It's the way it works. If the bot received more bids in the voting period than what its total vote is worth, then the return-on-investment will be negative.

Use a service like Steem Bot Tracker before making a bid to ensure that you're going to get a decent ROI. A brand new bot like this that was just announced is obviously going to see a lot of traffic. Once things settle down, I'm sure you'll be able to get some profitable votes out of it.

UPDATE: It appears that this bot isn't on the bot tracker yet. But I'm sure it will be soon.

hey man first of all you have to read this article their is mention that you will recieve upvote in 4 minutes this is not like a booster bot who when 100% power up divide the percentage and speedvoter does not give upvote when it is 100% u can check at steemd

I have read everything and accurately explained how it works. I'm not sure what you're still getting at.


Is this % divide he sent 3 sbd and get 0.26$ upvote before soo big reply plz gather info about it

I'm not sure I can decipher everything you're saying, but I'll try to respond. It is EXACTLY like booster in that you compete (or bid) for the upvote and then the upvote is divided accordingly.

But in order to maintain this speed, of course it won't be using a 100% upvote every 4 minutes. It would completely drain itself within a couple of hours if that were the case. If I did my math right, in order to be sustainable, it must vote with an average of only about 3% every 4 minutes.

No matter what percentage it's voting with, my original answer still stands:

"Justice" has nothing to do with it. This is simply how the system works. There's always risk in using bid bots. There's no guaranteed return on investment.

No its bullshit. Just dont use this rip off bot again. Lesson learned for me as well

If you're interested in a bot that guarantees a positive return-on-investment, you should look at HonestBot.

Hiii @fyrstikken I am a big fan of you, but now little depressed. Is this quick service?. I send 2.500 SBD 2+ hours ago butt still unable to get upvote from this. my all the excitement now let down. plz look this matter.it effected the reputation of new starting service. following words are your about @speedvoter. a Quick service...!

"Send for example 1 SBD to @speedvoter with LINK TO YOUR POST IN THE MEMO and you will receive upvote within just 4 minutes!"

Saya setuju
Tidak pakai marah

I'm emotionally disturbed too, can I get an upvote (:

But @fysrstikken I send 7sbd to @speedvoter today for my post https://steemit.com/support/@malay11/a-steel-plant-worker-became-a-writer-in-steemit-please-support-me-to-published-my-first-book
But you give me only bellow 0.5 SBD upvote of 3.12% upvote. This is a cheating. Please do something for me. Thanks.

doesn't fill me with confidence reading these words bots look tricky to use.

@booster I've sent you worth 2.00 SBD -but haven't received your up-vote yet. Please check your wallet MEMO. Thanx!

allow some time to let the automatic systems do its thing. The system conduct a self-audit before it bounce back refunds. Check your wallet or your post. You will either get an upvote or a refund.
Remember your post must be younger then 2.5 days.

@booster I've sent you worth $2. 0 SBD 2 days ago--but you haven't refund me yet. Please check your wallet MEMO.
sorry, wrong link memo .
sorry for the inconvenience.
thank you .

Hi. I tried to get in http://STEEMspeak.com but I don't answer. I made a mistake and sent coins instead of bitrix to booster. Please return.

I would like to request a recruitment upgrade

Oh man! You are going to break all barriers and boundaries with so much fresh energy. You are like a bullet train surpassing levitation engine trains.

Lol.. That's true..
Definitely gonna try this once I have something in my wallet

I recommend. very good post.

wow .......great post sir

i need few first lol

really is that true
i am so happy seeing this post

thats interesting stuff

Awesome post, I've heard too many testimonies around here from people who have once engaged in your bid bot..... I'd love to try in today

It triggers when it has 100% vote-power, you can monitor that by refreshing https://steemd.com/@speedvoter

Ya but has some issues.....it recently was at a mintainence.

yes, if the program is under the control of @fyrstikken, I can trust it and be excited. i will try it soon.

Great service on a great platform....steemit just keeps going from strength to strength. upvoted and resteemed.

very good bot

This is good news and great information will definitely use this bot in all my posts Thank you for this service

The best @speedvoter l will definitely give it a try later today when l post

I feel the bot was glitchy last night. A vote skipped or something weird.

OK, It sounds interesting,but is it suits me well? May be I will give you answer after tried it out!

By mistake I send you 5.7 sbd and I got only 0.20$ of upvote . Can I ask you for refund . This was my first attempt and was not aware of its upvoting system.

hey guyz please refund i sent 0.62 sbd by mistake which post already upvoted by you plzz refund https://steemit.com/food/@jassi/the-most-popular-food-in-india

This comment has received a 3.13 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @jassi.

Congratulations @speedvoter!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade for newcomers in the following categories:

  • Comments - Ranked 5 with 102 comments
  • Pending payout - Ranked 2 with $ 220,79

I also upvoted your post to increase its reward
If you Like my work to promoting newcomers and give them more visibility on Steemit, feel free to vote for my witness! You can do it here or use SteemConnect

I think @speedvoter will be a reliable voter as it comes from the @booster team. I have tried booster a few times and it comes to be profitable.

how many times i will get upvote if i send 1 sbd

I sent you 3.00 Steem dollars You barely upvoted my post if at all ! its at 1.86 only right niw from other upvotes ! this is my first time useing the service to try it out , please send me back my money as it didnt work properly and that was a ton of mone for me lose and not get back , i could have made more selling it for steem ! please return my money thanks !! heres my link

Every body used @speedvoter

This is good service and help steemit work

Have fun with it, if you have any problems, contact or @inertia at http://STEEMspeak.com 24/7 Live Discord.

Well come @speedvoter

I used your service

This post help my work

I haven't recieved vote for this link :-

Plz return or upvote on my post

Got My vote on that post Thank You speedvoter

This comment has received a 0.20 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @sanjay20.

This comment has received a 0.03 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @sanjay20.

I sended bid, and i didn't get vote and not a refund as well

This comment has received a 0.08 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @sourovafrin.

Excites to use your fast bid boring system. Not now because no SBD in my wallet. Hope to use your services in future.

Top Produkt ! für 1 SBD Einsatz habe ich 0.3 SBD upvote bekommen. Dienst kann man nur empfehlen.


cool idea, but basically meant for tiny upvotes. You'll get robbed otherwise. Bot should have a ROI limit, otherwise it's basically a black hole for steem and SBD.

I send 0.500 sbd not according to your vote.

I really need support from you so I can succeed like you, success always @speedvoter

Great post and great effort

Thats a nice stuff @booster but wat is difference between the two....if i get it right i do not hav to wait ryt? An instant voting bot like mb.

I have never used upvote bots before but this looks amazing an trustworthy.
I will give it a try on my new post.

You are like a bullet train surpassing levitation engine trains.. we must aware all steemians about this scammer man.

I love it! I fully support this project and I look forward to its future growth 👌

that teuga di ekk meunyoe d upvote

This my mistake i sent u 0.030 sbd can u retun please

I have sent 0.010SBD three time abut 15 minutes ago but not get any vote nor refund ????

Speedvoter didnt refund me

I give you 2.500. You gave me 0.33.

The bot gives a 3.13% upvote every 4 minutes which is worth about 0.33. If you give more sbd that just gives you more of that 3.13%.

I saw your good posting well.
I followed you.
I want to talk to you in the future.

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