Intuitive Inspiration for Cryptocurrency Investing on September 15, 2021

in #spirituality6 days ago

There's so much noise in the cryptocurrency investing world: FUD, pumping, dumping, superstition, influencers run amok. My intention is to help guide you to your own intuition specifically for cryptocurrency investing purposes. I hope that these words help to guide you through the specific crypto asset investing climate of the day.

I believe that each person deep down knows what's best for themselves and that the best decisions are made from your own clarity so that you're not swayed by the convincing of others. These words are intended to uplift you out of the hubbub to your own clarity.

crypto september 15 2021.png
How to use this word?
You may want to meditate on the given word and/or repeat it in your mind. Approach the crypto asset markets from that place.

Happy investing and trading to you! 🥂

What does "Family" evoke in you? ⬇


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Thans for the words, sister. I connect very much with what you say.
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