A Call to the Peaceful Warriors

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There are things in this world that most of us dislike: war, hunger, poverty, greed, the usual suspects. Most of these things, and the structures in place such as current government models, seem like they could never change, like we will always have them. But what if the only reason they were still here was because we kept on claiming them.

Imagine for a moment that we are all creating this world, each of us was adding their own claims of what is here, what is a part of this manifestation. Imagine we were all choosing and that at any moment we could choose differently if only we knew how. What would you change, what would you cease to claim, what would you start claiming?

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How We Claim

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

There was this author and speaker back in the early-mid 1900’s, Neville Goddard was his name. He preached that each of us was creating our lives, that all the bad, all the good, the prosperity or lack thereof was brought on by the consciousness we held. If we wanted to reside in a new life, then we should “be” that life, we should take on the consciousness that it was already so.

He maintained that holding a certain consciousness, a set of attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, etc. despite what the outside world showed and told us, would produce the life of that very consciousness. But one could not falter, the faith that consciousness has infinite potential had to be maintained, and the discipline to hold that consciousness must be maintained despite all circumstances.

The meek shall inherit the earth.
-Matthew 5:5

In Neville Goddard's writings "a meek man is a self-disciplined man," a man who can hold the faith that all is possible if it is claimed. And that claiming was a matter of residing in the consciousness we desire.

We claim things into this world through our being. Through our thoughts, attitudes, actions, beliefs, imaginings, and maintaining of history. Each of these has their basis in our being, our vibration. We are vibratory in nature, and the vibration, the frequency, that we maintain informs everything in our lives. It informs our bodies, our jobs, our prosperity, our friends, like attracts like, the vibes we send out come back to us, we get what we “ask” for.

If we were to look for the divine in everything, to always have the ideal on our minds, to always see the beauty and the love and the truth in everything we came into contact with, to be open to the new, we might just get it. But most of us don’t look for that, we look at what we've been told to look at by society, culture, school, and other people in our lives. We look for what we think we should be looking for.

Instead we maintain that the banks will never leave, our government must remain in the way it is, war is part of human nature, people will always be hungry somewhere, and that some people are more worthy of our love than others. We judge by appearances, we fear based on imagination, we define ourselves based on our history. In doing so we damn ourselves to repeat the past and to hide ourselves from the truth everyday.

Even if we think things will change in the future, we rarely change our being right then and there. We rarely be the change, instead we wait for the change to happen before we ourselves change. Before we adopt the attitudes, the habits, and the thoughts that would correspond with the change. But life works from inside out, not outside in. Our consciousness, our being creates our life, and each of us adds our being to the co-creation of the world. We maintain this world, and we are the only ones who can redeem it. In order to do that we must rediscover the truth of what we are, we must discover the truth of our being.

The Consciousness That Redeems

[...]and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.
-John 8:32

In the channeled books by Paul Selig, the guides he channels tell us that we are all individual aspects of the Creator. They say the only reason we aren’t manifesting the divine fully is because we are claiming otherwise, we are out of alignment with the Christ frequency. They describe this frequency as the highest, the most superior frequency available to us. And that part is key, available.


Expand your consciousness to a higher octave and perceive higher vibrations.
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If we can understand the concept that our being(frequency of vibration) attracts to us only that which is in co-resonance with it, then we can understand that if we claim the Christ frequency, we will attract the Christ in everything around us.

As you expand your consciousness, your vision expands and you may begin to perceive what has been born in higher vibration. Source

If we understand that consciousness has infinite potential, we can get past the idea that redemption of our world will take decades or centuries. If the entire world began operating at the Christ frequency, the truth would be the only thing that would remain. All things would display the truth of their being, and all things created in fear and lies would fall away.

The simple act of perceiving truth is what brings truth into our lives, and what opens the door for others to come into truth. The guides say they are holding us in truth, they are enabling us to rise to meet them in truth, and as we do we hold that truth for the rest of the world. We begin perceiving others people, animals, plants, and everything else in their divinity, and through that perception we help redeem the world.

For most of our lives we’ve been told, and told others how things are, we shame people with a simple look or comment, we judge each other in passing as not worthy of our love, we maintain that our culture and society and ideas of the past must go on. But what is really true here, where are the lies we tell ourselves and others?

The intellectual mind can’t know, because it only knows what it’s been told or what it’s read. It has not identified itself in unity, the intellectual mind doesn’t know the bigger picture. Only our true being does, and in order to align to this true being we must cease our egoic claims of self image, judgment, belief in lies, and fear that we’ve held for so long.

In truth we are all one, we are all made of the same substance, God, and any judgement is self judgement, any fear is fear of the self, we tell ourselves lies because we are afraid of confronting ourselves, and our self image is in place to distract us from the truth of what we are.

When we align to truth we still have personality, character, we are still individuals displaying different aspects of the divine, but we are free from the boxes we’ve put ourselves in, and we free others from the boxes that we put them in. Once we align to truth, our role in the redemption of the world begins, and we hold that level for others to rise to meet us, to join in truth and end the suffering that comes from feeling separate from everything else.

I’ve often asked myself how do you fight war and greed and hate. Carl Jung said “what you resist not only persists, but will grow in size.” Anything that we fight we add energy to, war doesn’t care if you hate it, it only cares if you believe in it. If you believe it must exist you add energy to it, whether it is in opposition or in agreement, and thus help continue it.

The same can be said for everything else, banks are a great one because right now we are in a period where people are ending their belief in them. Cryptocurrency has come around and shown there is another way, a more fair way of dealing with money. Cryptocurrency is showing that change can come in peaceful ways. Many of us are creating a new paradigm for money, and it's gaining traction. These types of change can occur on all levels of life. By putting your belief into a new alternative and acting in ways that support it we can change everything.

Navigating between what is good and bad is challenging sometimes. Knowing truth is a challenge in these days of lies. That is why we are being given this gift, why at this time these teachings are becoming so available and understandable for us. It is my thought that we can change the world by changing the way we see it. By aligning to higher consciousness and acting from that place. By realizing we are all God in manifestation and learning to reside and express in that place of knowing.

The books by Paul Selig are available and have been available for years. They speak the truth in such a clear manner and describe all of this in simple terms. Truth will come with the intent to know truth. With the will, attention, and the willingness to address our own lies and fears.

I will be going through these teachings, learning from the books, applying them to my own life, and writing my thoughts and feelings here. I’d love to see some others follow along, it’s challenging but rewarding in every way. It’s my belief that this type of change in consciousness is how we peacefully change the world, learn about the truth of what we are, and help others to do the same.

I started the series yesterday, the first article is HERE.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you in the comments,



Keeping searching for your truth. That's the real priority in life

Straight up brother. Increasing vibrations in the higher chakaras should be a curriculum. What I find interesting is how communication won't relay until one adjusts to the frequency, or familiarize oneself with the communicator. Otherwise, the mass attention will continue to be sucked into the void of negativity.

This is true, the only thing we can do is influence those around us, see the best in them and forgive them as we go. Energy is contagious and when we come into our own it's gonna be something special. I'm pretty amazed at how far we've fallen away from spirituality in the mainstream, it's frowned upon and science is praised, but this is a type of science really, it's just one we can't give eachother, we have to do our own work.

Big changes ahead, thanks for stopping by

Another well written article, seems like you should have been a teacher or professor.

Very informative post. Thanks for sharing .

@jakeybrown a very different topic which made me to talk . i call it a theory of life through which human survives and choose what to do.

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We want change. But not possible. Because we do not have humanity.

very impressive and inspiring post, thanks for that! Keep on posting of this series!

Hello mate I just went through your feed and its filled with enlightenment.Love your work .You have me as an honest follower .I did my part would you mind following me back??
I am a photographer .😀

Hello mate I just went through your feed and its filled with enlightenment.Love your work .You have me as an honest follower .I did my part would you mind following me back??
I am a photographer .😀